Entry 86: Happy Voting Day – Voting Day Annoyances

I hate it when people accost me while I’m doing something like getting groceries or trying to do some sort of errand and are like..”Did you vote yes for PROPOSITION 1-Twenty Something?!?!

It’s a question that always catches me by surprise, as I’m usually just trying to get bananas.

Sometimes, I have no idea what they’re talking, and sometimes I do, but their eyes are always filled with judgement, ready to virtue signal if you disagree with them. I always find myself ignoring them and pretending I can’t hear. That tends to get interpreted to me not caring and a moment of virtual signaling.

So you don’t care about the children of our future.. I bet you don’t even like puppies…Do you even care about the PUPPIES!?!? You are a horrible human being because you don’t support what I support!

Of course I care about the kids and puppies, and while I do feel some guilt for ignoring them

A. I didn’t go to a Safeway to talk politics. I just need eggs.

B. It’s really none of anyone’s business what or who I vote for.

Besides, don’t they say that politics and religion are the two things that you’re not supposed to discuss with people? It can make or break relationships, which is kind of sad, but luckily I have a good set of friends who I can have open discussions with, have disagreements with, and who challenge me on my thinking (You know who you is )

Anyways, I hope everyone gets out there and votes. While it may seem like the vote of one person doesn’t matter, the way I see it, you don’t get to complain about a pothole on the road if you didn’t do your part to have a say in it.

Things I like this week:


Entry 85: What if I was Pregnant, And Single…?

I had this dream a few weeks ago where I was out with a bunch of friends, and this guy was trying to get my number.

I was in the early stages of pregnancy and I hadn’t quite told everyone. In my dream, there was no Husband. No Baby Daddy. I had just gotten pregnant somehow ( like, no big deal) and while I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was presented with this dilemma :

Do I tell him I’m pregnant? Or just give him my number and see what happens?

I began to over-analyze the situation.

Well, if I don’t tell him I’m knocked up, worse case scenario…we could maybe go out a few times, but he would find out eventually… because I would eventually start showing. But maybe at that point it wont matter because maybe he’ll like me for me regardless of the fact that I had been knocked up by who knows who. Or… I tell him now, but he potentially might not want to go out with me...What do I do?

Then I woke up.

They say that dreams are a pathway into your subconscious, that it weirdly brings to light thoughts, feelings, anxieties, and reveals desires that are normally suppressed into the very corner of your being, locked up and stored away so that your conscious self, the one that you are aware of, can basically deal with life.

So what was this dream trying to tell me? That I want to go back in the dating world?

Oh God no. I completely reject that idea. I mean, I know there are people who are in that situation – pregnant and trying to date – but I wouldn’t know where to begin, especially if I was pregnant. Hypothetically, if I was pregnant and single, (and we’re talking about the actual me, not dream me) dating would probably not be my focus and I would probably be trying to make sure I got my life together before my kid was born. Unless I got pregnant because I was being a hoe (like dimension B dream-me) then it would be safe to assume that my life was a mess to begin with, and I probably would not have the foresight to figure out how to be a good parent.

I told a gym buddy about my dream.

“Girrrl,” she said. “Men… love them pregnant women.”

Well, what she actually said was “Men love them some pregnant p***y”

Whaaaa? I was unsure if she was joking

“Hmmmmhmmm…” she went on. Another girl we were with nodded on agreement. “They do.. it’s cuz they know they can’t get you pregnant.”

She said it as a matter of fact, like this was one of the truths that her 40 years of life had taught her and which she had decided was a wisdom that needed to be imparted on me. So that I, at 20 weeks pregnant, if anything, would have this. I looked at her in disbelief as my legs, though standing, tightened closer together. The question of whether this was true lingered, but I didn’t press further for supporting evidence. I knew she had a few kids, had been divorced four times, while I had lived a very sheltered life. So … maybe she knew about these things?

I continued to over-analyze the dream: What was up with not having a Husband? or even a baby daddy who wanted to be there for their kid? And it wasn’t a big deal? Dream-me was not making smart decisions, but at least I was committed to keeping the kid.

Fortunately, none of it is a reflection of reality. Maybe I should just be grateful with that instead of dwelling on something that is just a dream, especially a weird dream. Sometimes you really can’t make any sense of the internal chaos that dreams try to situate.

Things I like this Week:

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: So this version is nothing like the Melissa Joan Hart Version of the 90s; it’s edgier, dark, but not overly scary where you can’t watch this by yourself. I say, give it a try. It’s a good show to have on in the background. If you like Riverdale (that CW show based on the Archie comics), you’ll like this since it’s from the same producers.

Anastasia Sultry Palette: My newest palette in my eye shadow collection. I really should stop buying eye shadow palettes because I really buy more than I use, but the packaging for this is so sparkly, and I’m a sucker for sparkley stuff. I haven’t dipped into it yet, but will soon since it looks like it’s the perfect colors for the holidays.

Other things… Husband’s back from Spain but next week he goes to Chile. Wish I could go with him, but I’m studying frantically for my Fitness certificate. I had this grand idea to get a certification 6 months ago and now that I’m pregnant all I want to do is nest and look at baby shit. But push on I must, because my free certification test is next month. Baah. Wish me luck

Until next time…

Entry 84 : Seahawks in the Desert

Since moving to the desert, I have met a good share of Seattle Seahawks fans, at both organized events for viewing games, and at random ass places like Home Depot, and Walmart.

I’ll be out,minding my own business doing what I got to do, and sometimes I’ll all of a sudden I hear:


My ears immediately perk up and I whip my head around looking for the source in a crowd, until I lock eyes with an overly excited fan with an expression that shows nothing but sheer joy at finding a kindred spirit.


I yell back in shared elation. With one word (divided into two syllables) there is an instant bond, infused with the joys and frustrations of our beloved team: the wins, the losses, that one time we won the Superbowl, the madness of our missed field goals, and how much we hate the Patriots and Tom Brady.

I can see how hearing our sudden burst of a chant can be annoying from the 3rd person perspective, the perspective that is not in the know. But usually that’s just it, they don’t know.

It’s like when all the cool kids are in on an inside joke, and you’re not, because you’re not cool enough, or at least not cool enough to get it, so you defensively hate on the cool kids for not including you… when really the cool kids did nothing to you, except maybe win.

But as the great Taylor Swift once said: Haters gonna hate, and really… the point that I’m trying to make is that Seahawks fans are greatest and it’s always awesome to see them when you’re not in Seattle, as I’m sure it’s great to see a fellow fan of any team.

Speaking of Seahawks fans, my new neighbors that moved in my neighborhood are Seahawks fans. I was driving out of the neighborhood and saw their trucks out, one of which had a huge Seahawks decal. I braked and did a complete U-turn so that I could turn into their cul-de-sac and yell at my new neighbor:


I think he was taken aback at the fact that someone was yelling at him while he was trying to clean out the garage, but after realizing it was a fellow fan, responded with his own GOHAWKS, although not as enthusiastic as me, but he was probably still just like.. uhm…

I then proceeded to rapidly talk.

Where part of Seattle are you from? When did you move? There’s this bar I watch the games at .. you should come. What do you do?

I probably sounded like one of those annoying girls who never shuts up, but I was just excited. We were bonding.

Things I like This week:
Vaseline patroleum jelly: I know it’s a really random thing to put down, but I was walking through the Target aisles and was like, why does Vaseline sell really large bottles of petroleum jelly? I mean, what do people really use thing thing for? I youtubed it, and turns out, there’s a ton of stuff you use with for, including… use it as a brow gel. I’ve always been obsessed with getting my brows under control because they are naturally not, but I ended up buying a smaller travel bottle to try out on my brows, and OMG. It’s my new favorite brow tamer.

Beauty Within : I discovered this youtube this past week, and they give a lot of scientific information on beauty products, and what types of things you should use for your skin type. The most recent video watched was the toner episode. Who knew there was million types of toners? Usually I’m lost in the facial cleansing aisles, … and then am like.. ehh this looks good. Does it have good reviews? okay.. in the cart it goes. So definitely a good informative channel

Red Table Talk : So Jada Pinkett Smith has this new Facebook page, or channel or whatever you want to call it where she sits around a red table, and has heart to hearts with guests. I just watched the part 1 episode with her husband Will Smith, and I don’t know if it’s because of the hormones, but it made me tear up. To me the episode reaffirmed how important communication is in a relationship, and how you don’t get there over night. Sometimes it takes years of tears and struggle, but… if you stick with it, and you’re with the right person, it’s a beautiful thing.

The Office : This has been my binge show while husband has been gone. Pam and Jim need to get together. Don’t worry, I know what happens

Sex in The City: Another show I started binging on in the background. This show was done almost 20 years ago. I am so old.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week week. Husband is coming back home today from his worldly travels. Last Saturday he asked me where he should explore in the town he’s at. One of the ideas I came up was… going into a grocery store, and looking at their wine selection.. and snacks, because that’s totally what I would do if I was in another country.

Until next time…

Entry 83: Fitness Fridays – But, my Boooody (Pregnant Diaries)

Im 17 weeks pregnant today.

I’ve heard some people comment on my little pudge, others say that can’t even tell.

But I can tell. My pants are tighter. My shirts pop a bit at the belly. Forget about the skinny jeans. At this point, I’ve resolved to primarily wear work-out shorts and baggy sweats with elastic that have the most maximal stretch. My sexy lacy bras have been tossed to the side for sports bras to give support to boobs that have seemingly grown triple-fold.

I don’t like it.

I feel so uncomfortable in this changing body. For a brief second, I thought about doing those belly progression photos, but decided not to as in my head I was like… why would I want to document this?

You see, I had spent the past couple of years getting into my best shape. I was leaning out, toning up, I was starting to get abs. … Abs, I tell you! ABS!!

Now that my body is brewing a child, I’m finding it harder to let my fit-self go. I get that it’s all part of the process, and you can still be healthy while pregnant, but instead of glowing in my pregnant self, seeing this change makes me lament on how the healthy efforts of the past few years is just rapidly being offset, and I have start all over again.

It’s like when you work really hard and earn all the monies, only to pay a chunk of it to taxes. Although being pregnant is a better scenario, because as least you know you’re getting a baby at the end. It’s questionable whether our taxes are going to the roads… or the whatever else our politicians say our taxes go to.

But, it is what it is, and I’m only going to get bigger in the coming months. I mean, I did ask for this… it’s not like I didn’t know this would happen when the time came.  I just gotta let it be,  try to be the healthiest I can be while pregnant, remind myself that it’s for the greater good, and that when I get back into it, getting back to pre-pregnant self will be cake. Or so I tell myself that’s how it will work.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Nothing much is going with me.  Might see Venom? I don’t know, husband’s going to Spain next week and I will be riding solo for 2 weeks.

Things I like :

  • Rishi Sweet Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix: I just bought a box of this, and it’s so good. I reduced the recommended boxed directions of 1 TBL serving to 2 Tsp because I couldn’t find a clear source that told me how much caffeine in a serving (and I’m only supposed to have so much caffeine) and it was still good. It gave a clean caffeine kick that made me feel more awake rather than jittery and it lasts the whole day
  • It’s cooling down in the desert and going to be 70’s all week, which means … soup!
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes – When you live in the desert, it’s hard to remember that it’s Fall, because it’s still warm out. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are my only reminder that leaves are falling in other places of the country.  Also, Starbucks in Target has 10% drinks on their cartwheel app, so even more of a reason to go get one.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

Entry 82: When Older Aunty-Like People Ask You About Babies

Earlier this year, during a 4th of July gathering, my Husband’s ex coworker stopped by. She’s one of those older Asian like figures with no kids that ask annoying questions, and as she watched my Husband play with the baby of a family friend, she said You guys should have kids. When are you going to have kids?

There was a shade of sadness that fell on Husband’s countenance. It was subtle and brief, and if you did not know the history of our past failed attempts, you might not have recognized the change in his demeanor. But, being intuitive to this, I could see it, as well as feel the pang of depressive longing that pulsed at the heart.

Someday, I replied, in classic short-form answer. My fight-or-flight response frantically tried to find a squirrel of a distraction to divert the uncomfortable topic of conversation, and came up with So are you going home to Washington sometime soon?

I had another Aunty (this time my actual Aunt) ask me the same question during a phone conversation. When you make a baby? I answered with another short answer and changed the topic

It’s probably the most annoying question that anyone who’s trying to have a baby (and have been trying for a while) can get, especially coming from these older Asian-like figures. To be clear, I’m never annoyed when it’s a question that comes from friends who know me, just these Aunties who have no kids, barely talk to you on a regular basis, and who are the same Aunties who asked you when you were in your 20’s when you were going to get married, right after you broke up with a boyfriend.

And I’m never quite sure what answer they’re looking for. Do they want a specific date? Do they want a game plan of my life? Sometimes, out of spite, I want to tell them that I want to be just like them when I’m 50, with no kids because they obviously look happy.

But that wouldn’t be true, and I would be saying that to be passively mean, and maybe they don’t know they’re asking a sensitive question. After all, these older Auntie’s have no kids, so it’s questionable whether they know that you can’t just get a baby at a grocery store when you decide to have one like you can get some lemons.

I know, it’ll happen when it’ll happen, and I’ll just have to just trust in that when it does happen, it’ll be because it’s the right time. Until then, maybe I’ll just avoid all the older Aunties.

Things I like :

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – This is a good chick flick movie on Netflix. Of course, it makes me think of High School and how my experience was definitely not like how it played out in the movie. Should it have been different? I don’t know.

Jack Ryan – I’ve been anticipating this show on Amazon for 6 months, or however long it’s been since they first advertised it. Also, I love John Krasinski . Husband and I killed this show in 2 days, if you’re into the secret agent CIA stuff fighting terrorism… definitely good

In the show, there’s Jack Ryan is seeing this girl … and throughout the whole show, I’m like… if you only knew how Jack Ryan was protecting our country, you’d be so turned out right now.

Also, funny story, when husband and I first started dating, I asked him if he worked for the CIA? Jokingly, but half serious. He said no, but if he said yes… I would’ve been okay with that.

Crazy Rich Asians This was actually a really good movie. I didn’t know what to expect, I was half afraid it was going to be horrible, but taking it for what it was – a romantic comedy – it was really good. I’m glad some of my friends who had already seen it, saw it again with me while I was in Seattle. Husband has no interest to watch it, but when it comes out on DVD, I’ll happen to get it, and have it in the background.

Entry 81 : Some Things Never Change…other things do.

It’s interesting seeing on social media how people you knew a lifetime ago have turned out. There are people that I knew back in the day who have grown up to do really cool stuff, and others who haven’t. Then there are those people who have ended up exactly how you thought they would based on what you knew about them.

Then again, it’s hard to predict who a person will become based on a snapshot of their life. There are so many things that can occur that can change a person for the better, or the worse.

Still, if you were only a part of a person’s life during a fragment of time, sometimes when reconnecting with that person on social media, your mind immediately pulls memories of them: those barcardi shots you took with them at the club, or that one time they were slutty nurses for Halloween. Or maybe you remember that time in 3rd grade when they sat next to you and would put glue on the palm of their hand, let it dry, and then peel it off like it was lizard skin.

(Confession, the kid who did the glue thing? That was me.)

That person become a scientist? Might be your next thought. Or …that guy is a dad

Sometimes these are thought in wonderment of how things can change. Other times they are thought in judgement, which can be unfair to do as life can be a constant evolution of the self driven experiences and life lessons learned ; who we are today is not the same as who we were yesterday, nor will it be the same as who we will become tomorrow.

And I…. I am not the same person I was when I was peeling dried glue off the palm of my hand….

.. Wait… I kind of did once… with this DIY charcoal mask I saw on youtube (Go to the 2 minute mark for ingredients and you will find the ingredients are Elmer’s glue and charcoal .) Okay… so maybe some things don’t change.

Things I like This Week:

Back To School Supplies:

It’s that time of year where stores are starting to line their shelves with back to school supplies. I’ve been a school/office supply junkie ever since I was a kid. I could probably spend all day looking at pens, notebooks, and highlighters. No lie.

There’s this new highlighter I saw that is erase-able. I was like …say What?!?

Screenshot 2018-07-16 at 10.10.38 PM.png

I almost bought it, but made myself resist.

A Quiet Place: saw this movie this weekend and it is good. It’s not scary, it’s more like a movie where you’re like…how are these people going to survive? I would say that I haven’t seen a movie like it since Signs. Definitely recommend.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Hope everyone’s week is awesome 🙂

Entry 80: Asian Grandma’s Be Like…

One of my lulus shared this Buzzfeed article about ” 19 Grandmas Who Aren’t Even Trying to Be Funny, they just Are”, in which grandmas are documented doing hilarious things like using an ipad as a cutting board.

I feel like my Grandma would never do this kind of stuff my Lulu chatted me.

For the next 5 minutes we proceeded to think of things Asian Grandmas would do, if they were hypothetically documented by a Buzzfeed article:

  • Asian Grandma who silently threatens to disown u.
  • Asian Grandma who keep feeding you even though you say no.
  • Asian Grandma who favors your uncle bc your mom is a girl
  • Asian Grandma who cuts in line because that’s how it was done in Asia…and even though it’s America, everyone of all cultures need to respect her
The list went on and even though some people might not find it as funny as the Buzzfeed list, in a way it was because it was truth.

Granted, it’s unfair to generalize all Asian Grandmas into one category, but even if you don’t have an Asian Grandma who falls into the stereotype, you know someone who does have that 5’0 silence force of a family member who – with one look from across the room – can make you and your friends sit up straight, who can overturn anything that your mother says, and show a rare look of approval that looks similar their disapproving look if not for the slight glint of pride in her eyes.
Asian Grandmas, you don’t want to mess with them because
  • a. you flinch at the thought of the bad chi you might get from being disrespectful
  • b. you might get smacked in the mouth.
  • c. mostly because you love them, so the thought never crosses your mind.

Anyways, things I like this week:

UFC 226 – I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Husband and I are big UFC fans and this past weekend was a big fight that we ordered on PPV. Most exciting was the last fight between Cormier vs. Miocic. I’m not going to get into the details, but basically, little guy knocked the big guy out in Round 1.

FIFA Football – The past couple of weeks I’ve been into soccer, basically scheduling my life around it. This morning, I declined working out with my husband because the Belgium and France match was on.

Home-made Instant Pot Yogurt – I made my first ever instant pot yogurt batch. It was pretty easy, just took 9 hours to make. It’s pretty good, I haven’t eaten it sweetened with honey or maple syrup, but put fruit in a cup and mixed it with smoothies. It definitely is healthier for you. The recipe I used made about 16 servings

Apple Pie. Nothing says 4th of July like Apple Pie. And fireworks, and Beer. I made sure we had apple pie this year.


Nothing much is going on with me. It’s starting to be monsoon season, which has cooled the desert down a bit, but makes it a bit humid after the rains. Also, I’m cat sitting my neighbors cat this 🙂 His name is Dusty, and he’s a cutie.


Until next time….

Entry 79: Getting Hollered At When Your Ring Is At The Jewelers

There’s this episode of How I Met Your Mother where the character Robin notices that she, in a sense, has become invisible after getting engaged to Barney. In putting on her engagement ring, she is no longer able to get free coffee or bagels, no one allows her to cut in line, the bartender no longer sees her when she tries to order beer, and she basically become like Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings

It was a funny episode, like many of the episodes of the show, but I never dwelt on whether there was any truth to it all until a few weeks ago, when I went to the grocery store without my ring.

Husband and I had dropped our ring off the day before at a Shane Co that was 2 hours away, and were anticipating on being ring-less for a week, but I walked into that grocery store, and let me tell you… it was as if the Red Sea had parted. I suddenly noticed smiles coming my way, guys were moving to the side so I could push my wagon through the aisle, I was asked multiple times if I needed help finding things (after the 4th time I was just like.. Bacon! I need bacon!)

Maybe the grocery store workers were giving exceptional customer service that day, maybe people always smile but I never notice because I tend to avoid eye contact, maybe I don’t notice people move to the side so I could go through aisles because I usually go grocery shopping on weekdays at 9 am when the retired people do their shopping.

Maybe it was all a coincidence, but how would you explain a random guy asking me if I had come to the grocery store alone while I was looking for tomatoes in the produce section?

Not going to lie, I thought it was a creepily weird thing to ask… something that psycho abductors say before they lure you in with brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Why wouldn’t I go to a grocery store alone? I’m an adult woman in my 30’s, and even if I didn’t look like I was 30, surely I looked older than 18. Surely… Maybe.

“Yea?”I responded, confused.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Ahhhhhh! The light bulb came on. It made sense. I was being chatted up, which caught me off guard considering I don’t think I’ve been properly chatted up before, or if I have, it’s been a while. Was this how random single people chatted up other seemingly random single people in today’s dating world? I thought most people did apps like Tinder, or Grinder…

“No boyfriend, but I do have a husband.”

The rejected suitor gave me a look of shock; he had crossed a line he had never intended on crossing by hitting on a married woman.

Oh my Gosh!” he exclaimed, and apologetically stepped back, his hand covered his mouth in embarrassment, then touched his chest as if in a heartfelt apology.

I didn’t see a ring,” he tried to explain. “I didn’t know you were married.

“My ring’s at the cleaners,” I explained. “It’s okay.

I pushed my cart towards the bacon aisle, processing the fact that I just got hollered at.

I got my ring back a week later, and looking at it in its clean, shiny, pristine state, I can see how it acts a ward for other guys to Fuck off. Apparently, its been doing that for 9 years.

Anyways I hope everyone has good rest of their week. Husband is in Boston this week so I’m riding solo, but keeping busy with doing a load of crafty projects and cleaning the house.

Things I like this Week:

How To Be A Latin LoverThis movie is now on prime, but I had been wanting to watch this for a while. It looks cheezy in the trailer, and it is…but it’s also heartwarmingly funny.

Instant Pot! – It was my birthday this past weekend and husband got me an instant pot! I’ve only been wanting one for 2 years, putting it on my Christmas and Birthday wish list. So excited to make instant pot dishes.

Jergens Natural Glow – It’s getting really hot in the desert, and I have this really ugly short’s tan line from doing outdoor stuff. It’s like my legs are nicely tan, then there’s a white ass. There’s no transition, it just goes abruptly from tan legs to white ass. I’d put a picture up but I don’t know if that would be appropriate. You’d probably like.. daannng! Anyways, I bought this to try to ombre it out. I don’t know if it’s works yet, but it smells nice.

That’s all I have for now. Until next time…

Entry 78: Oh, Canada – How The Airlines Lost Our Bag.

I should have known it was going to be a stressful trip the moment that Anne, the United Airlines ticketing agent, notified us that our flight out of the desert was delayed by an hour and that our only option was to take a route that would get us to Victoria, BC by 9 pm.

It was 6:30 am and I remember shooting daggers at her with my glares (or at least trying to), sending her subliminal messages of What do you mean I’m not getting there til later tonight!?! But Anne met my evil looks without a flinch of emotion. Her empathy had more than likely been sucked out of her soul after her second day on the job, making her impervious to the worst of plights, including my own.

The delayed flight was just the beginning: Upon arrival to San Francisco, our flight got rebooked to Calgary, which then had a connecting flight to Victoria, BC.

Well, as long as we get there, we conceded.

With an hour layover in Calgary, we went through customs and waited for our luggage until we were the last ones at the carousel.

What do you mean our bags never left San Francisco?!? We asked the customer service luggage man, preparing for an all out bitch out.

I don’t know, it never left. I suggest you run to your flight to Victoria before you miss it.

He was lucky. The fact that we only had 15 minutes to get through security and to our terminal, spared him from what would inevitably have made his day 10 times worse than it already has was. We ran through the airport, and went through a security check point that literally took 10 minutes even though there was only 1 person ahead of us.

Luckily, they held the plane for us and as we sat in our seats, they quickly shut the doors and took off.

We arrived in Victoria safely, but half of the time was spent on the phone with airline’s customer service in India trying to figure how to get our bags to us in time for the wedding we were attending. It was a shame that we couldn’t fully enjoy Victoria, it really is a pretty city.

But I can’t say the trip was all bad. We did enjoy the time we forced ourselves to break away from the stress to spend time friends and the wedding at Hatley Castle.


After Canada, we drove stateside to the old hood I grew up in. We walked the streets, went to the mall, and hung out with more friends.

We were reunited with our bag on the evening of the 3rd day. The hotel receptionist called us at 10:30 pm notifying us that our bag had arrived and I just about cried.

The most emotional part of the trip was that I got to see my dad come home. It wasn’t planned, but he had been at a rehab facility for 5 months since his stroke, and while he wasn’t 100% (I don’t think he’ll ever be) my mom decided to bring him home.

We got to my parents before my dad arrived. There was a lot of hustle and bustle until he was finally settled in, but as he lay in the bed that my mom set up in the small living room of her apartment, I eyed the dusty Sherman Clay that had been untouched for years and played what broken Beethoven I could remember. I played Fur Elise like a newbie, making mistake after mistake, and at the sound of music my dad began to cry.

It wasn’t just a single tear that somehow emerged and slid down his cheek, but a flood of emotions that welled and uncontrollably gushed out in joy. My mom, forgetting, in that moment, every argument they might have had during their marriage, held his hand and stroked his face in comfort. He was home and around family.

There’s something about seeing your parent weep for the first time breaks away every idea of invincibility you might have had regarding them. For me, it became a growing-up point, making me realize that for all the times they had wiped away all my tears, it was now time for me to do that for them.

Anyways, the next Seattle trip is in August. Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with everyone and see the people I didn’t get to see this time

This I like this week.

Amazonian Clay Foundation $25 Sale @Ulta. One of my favorite foundations went on sale this week. I bought one the other week before the Canada / Victoria trip and had to buy another one. Normally it’s $40

Grilled Corn with Tajin – I discovered tajin at this brewery I had gone to when I first moved to the desert and had mainly put it on popcorn. the other day, husband grilled some corn and I sprinked some of it on there..and omg. It was delish.

Anyways that’s all for now. Nothing new is happening this week, just gotta fix some issue my car is having. That should be fun. Until next time…everyone have a great week!

Entry 77: Where are you from…. No… where. are. you. F-rom?

I’m used to people trying to guess my ethnicity. It’s such a random thing to happen, but happens more than you think it would. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like a big puzzle people are trying to figure out for whatever reason.

In Washington, it was always other Asians trying to guess what type of Asian I was. More specifically, older Asians ladies from the motherland.

Where are you from? They would ask.

Me: Ugh…. Lynnwood.

No, where are you from?

Me: America?

It took me a little bit to realize they were asking me my ethnicity.

Filipino , I would respond, and they would look at me a little surprised, expecting another answer. I have been told while in Washington that I didn’t look Filipino; I had Chinese eyes and was too light skinned, so I can see their skepticism

I’m Filipino. I’d say again, sticking to my original answer. This then opened a Pandora’s box of questions, including the question of if I spoke Philippines, which isn’t a thing, but I gave them a pass for English being their second language. I do think, however, that at some point someone should correct them because it’s just going to cause confusion in future conversations with other people.

But now that I’ve moved to the desert, it is the ex-military men who seem to be wanting to play the ethnicity game. Maybe they see me and get flashbacks of that one time they got stationed in the Philippines. I don’t know, but they curiously ask, and maybe it’s because I’ve gotten much darker since moving to the desert, but they always get the fact that I’m Filipino right.

You’re Filipino. one vet stated while I was waiting for my take-out order of wings at the local Hooters (Don’t judge, they got good wings) . He didn’t ask as if he didn’t know for sure, he said it as fact.

Yeup.” I confirmed

“Have you ever been back?” he asked. At which point I explained that I’ve never been there (I know, such a bad Filipino). My dad’s from this region, I explain, and my mom’s family is from this city and so on and so on.

The vet then proceeds to tell me everything he knows about Filipinos, about how he’s got a Filipino girlfriend who came to America on a fiance visa and how she broke up with her fiance and was now with him, and how he was in Manila back in ’92, and all the women there were beautiful. And did I eat rice? We obviously had a connection, but in the back of my mind…I really didn’t care. I wanted my wings to hurry up so I can leave.

It’s was probably totally rude of me to think that. Said ex-vet was probably just excited that he had met another Filipino to talk Filipino stuff with.  I get excited whenever I meet other people from Seattle. The other day I was driving in the neighborhood and saw the cars of our new neighbors with Washington license plates parked in a house that been on sale.

I wonder if they’re Seahawk fans! I excitedly thought to myself, perhaps even imagining us carpooling to the Seahawks bars during football season.

So yea, I get it.

Well, I hope everyone is doing great, I know it’s been a hot minute since I wrote something, but I doubt anyone was sitting at the edge of their seats wondering what was going on with me, saying to themselves…I need this bloggg! Like I need my coffeeeee.  If you were. I’ve just been busy. Me and husband went to a horse race over the weekend.

I was overdressed with my stilettos and tight pencil skirt, while everyone seemed to dress down with jeans and cowboy boots. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but how was I supposed to know? Everything I know about derbies is based on what I see on TV with the Kentucky Derby and how they interview celebrities beforehand to see what their wearing.

In case you were wondering, this is what Joey Fatone wore.

Image result for joey fatone kentucky derby 2018


But note to self, small town Derby… Dress down to blend in.

not staged at all.

Things I like this week

Quantico The thing that made me give this show a chance was because the main actress Priyanka Chopra is going to Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding. I know that’s a completely stupid reason to start watching a show, but I’m already 6 episodes in.

What I don’t like about the show is how one of the actors looks like he wears mascara. It bugs me whenever the screen goes to him. It’s like, how are your lashes so extra right now? It’s completely unfair how a lot of men I know have lashes that are better than most women.

I also looked up the actress, and she’s been in a few Bollywood movies that I’ve actually enjoyed. Yes, I watch Bollywood quite often, and if you’ve never given it a try, you should. There’s a lot of dancing and singing.

One of the most epic dancing I’ve seen in Bollywood is this scene from Any Body Can Dance…which basically a Bollywood take on Stomp the Yard. It’s kind of long, but if you scroll to minute 5, when the guru dancer comes in… and everyone backs up… and is like… ohhhh shieettt… 

My face during this whole scene was like….


Confession, I’ve seen this clip a handful of times, and it always makes me laugh…

Anyways, that’s about it…Everyone have a good rest of your week 🙂