Entry 1: Big News

I woke up feeling that the day would be as normal of a day as ever: I would wake up, go to work, come home from work, do  chore here and there, and basically run through all the repetitive things that I had been doing on a day to day basis.

But, as it would turn out, the day wasn’t going to be normal. By mid-morning, just after my first cup of coffee, my husband imparted some news that would change the normalcy of my life.

We’re moving to Arizona.

This wasn’t completely a surprise, my husband had applied to a job in Tuscon a million moons ago, got the job, but due to top-secret security measures that required him to pass a government background check, it took nearly 8 months to get a security clearance. The year had started out with the hype of moving, had faded into a somewhat disappointing thought that it maybe wasn’t going to happen, then – just as I was accepting that it probably wasn’t going to happen – Fate decided to let us know that (just kidding) we were going to move.

I received the news and began to hyperventilate: the tears began to well in my eyes that were a mix of happy and sad emotions: I had spent a majority of my life in Seattle and while talk of moving had just been talks, it was quickly and aggressively becoming a reality. I didn’t know if I was ready.

I proceeded to go back to the normalcy of my day; it seemed as if the rest of the world was going about just as it had always done, but in the back of my mind lay the truth that it wasn’t and wouldn’t ever be the same.

Entry 1: Big News

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