Entry 2 : A Filipino in Tuscon

One of the first things I googled when moving to Tuscon was  first seeded into my head.

Are there any Asians in Tuscon? In particular – Filipinos? 

It was a search that garnered a number of results from a number of websites and forums, but there was one answer that stuck out to me the most:

If you’re asking this question, maybe you should branch out.

It is true, many of my friends that I grew up with and that I have now are Asian. Was it important to me that the new area I moved to had Asians?

I evaluated, and came up with the answer of no, not necessarily. It didn’t matter if I ultimately was the token Asian. In fact, being the Token-Asian could be a good thing, I could become a guru of some sort, answering all questions revolving around being Asian

What is soy sauce? With an egg roll, do you use sweet and sour sauce to dip? How do you cook rice in a pot? How do you cook rice in a rice cooker? 

What did matter, was whether I had access to food that I may have cravings for.

Here in Seattle, Asian food is everywhere. If I’m craving pho, sushi, teriyaki – whatever, I would just need to go 5 minutes in any direction of my house – well, more so in the direction of Highway 99 – and BAM! Asian food.  In Tuscon, I have yet to explore the food in surrounding, but from what I’ve read – Tuscon is like the Mexican-American food capital of the world. Which is great because I love car but – what if I crave chicken adobo? What if I am wanting Filipino lumpia? Fresh Sushi ? Where would I go?

The struggle is real folks, and the only real solution I see is to fly home every time I’m wanting good Asian food,or learn how to cook all the favorite dishes. I’m not concluding that Tuscon won’t have any good Asian food because there are Asian people and they do have Asian markets ( I google mapped this) and like I said, I have yet to explore,  but – it’s better to be prepared.

Entry 2 : A Filipino in Tuscon

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