Entry 5: Thanksgiving Thoughts

Boom, it’s Thanksgiving again.

Queue Facebook and Instagram feeds of … brace for it… turkey. Maybe a few pictures here and there of stuffing, and of cookies, and pies. But a majority of it will be of turkey. If it’s not of turkey, it’s of Thanksgiving well-wishes, and what everyone is ‘thankful’ for.

I called it, so don’t act surprised when it’s all you see on your social media feed. I fact I probably will be one of those posting a picture of my Thanksgiving meal with a status update of Thank God I wore stretchy pants, cuz Imma tear it up.

But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s good that for one day, we are forced to take a day  to reflect on what really matters. We get so caught up in the stresses of everyday life and everything that doesn’t matter, that the important stuff gets pushed to the side.

Which leads to another point: It is disappointing to me that a day that is supposed to be about being appreciative of all the things in our lives has evolved into a  day where people can go shopping right after dinner to buy things that they may want. Black Friday midnight sales – to me- were pushing it, but now – somehow – the corporate retail world has seeped its way into our day of Thanks and convinced people that hey, that’s great that you’re thankful for what you have, but lets focus on the things that you don’t have.

What is more disappointing to me is that there are people that actually do cut their dinner short in order to shop on Thanksgiving. I mean, maybe their family sucks and they really need that retail therapy , but really – can it at least wait til Friday?

Anyways, I have a lot to be Thankful for. Life is good. Got an awesome family. Have the best of friends. While sometimes even these things get clouded by life’s little stresses – like the fact that my house is full of packaging paper, and boxes, and random ass shit. Seriously you guys, it’s like a tornado came by and said “Take that Winter!!! I know you love this!”…  and just blew everything all over the place – I am grateful that today I can take a timeout to be reminded of everything I have to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving all!  Eat lots, spend quality time with family and friends. I know I will.



Entry 4: The Holidays

So the fam bam finally made it to Tuscon.

It took us 3 days to drive from Seattle to Tucson. Once we drove through the Cascades, it was 99 % country.

It was interesting to see life outside the city. While I had  I grown up in small-town Hawaii, after I moved I never spent much time in any other place other than the city/’burbs. While riding in the passenger seat through the country- lost in my thoughts – I came to the refreshing realizations that not everywhere has a Starbucks in every corner, living in a trailer is actually a very prevalent thing in a lot of places, and there are areas in the country that have 2 or more country music radio stations, among other things.

But we finally made it, and now I – being a current Tuscon stay at home lulu – am tasked unpacking the moving boxes.

And there are so many boxes. Boxes for days.

In the midst of moving, and unpacking all the boxes, Thanksgiving has crept up on me, and with that the Holidays. It hasn’t made me anxious or anything, it has just been one of those things that is like.. oh shit, Thanksgiving – that’s this week.

The constant sunshine doesn’t help with the holidays sneaking up, either.  I know, woe is me, the 70 degree constant sunshine is making me forget Thanksgiving. But holidays are usually associated with coffee, warm soups, scarves, and cold weather. The few days that I’ve been in Tucson, the sunshine has thwarted with all of that. Although, I’ve found that I’m still craving ramen and pho’ even though it’s 70 degrees out. It’s like, my soul is saying, Its November – you should be eating ramen. 

Being fresh from the NW, it’s all still a new adventure. I’m sure once I get settled in and have a sort of routine going on, everything will go to some sort of norm.