Entry 6: I Finally Made It to Church

I have a confession: I haven’t been to church in months.

::Queue in sounds of shock and disappointment::

My excuse? I was busy prepping for a move and I didn’t have anyone to go to church with.

::Queue in more sounds of shock and disappointment, followed by comments of come-on Winter, really?:: 

I know, I know. No excuses. It’s not like I was prepping  to move every day. I can’t lie as there is plenty of evidence on Facebook updating the world that I was coloring, watching football games, and hanging with friends on Sundays as opposed to hanging with Jesus. Ugh I feel horrible now, and  Jesus is probably like… uhm, I had nails hammered into my hands and feet and had to die … so….

But I made it to church last week! and the week before that!  So we’re good.  I’m back on track. We are good.

It wasn’t hard to find a church in Tucson. My husband had been going to this church closest to the house we just bought even before I moved, but out of curiosity  I OKGoogled ‘Catholic Churches’, and a bunch of churches popped up. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering we’re right by the border with more of a Hispanic Catholic population, but I guess I have just been used to churches being more spread out in the burbs of Seattle.

While at church, I was able to count how many Asian people attended the mass I went to with two hands.

Which you’re probably like,  tssk tsk. shouldn’t you have been praying instead of counting Asians?

To which I say, Good point, and I really have nothing to say in my defense, but I did it. I  counted ….and there weren’t that many, in case you were curious. 

All my life I have been used to going to churches that have had large Asian followings that I could blend in; being in a church where there wasn’t that many was a  reminder that I had been living in a complete bubble and that not everything is like how it is in Seattle.

Actually, a lot of things that I’ve seen and experienced since I’ve moved have been a reminder of that bubble. Not drastically  big things, but small things. For instance, the amount of of huge-ass American flags I’ve seen waving around that have made me and my husband say ‘wow, that is a huge-ass flag.  I’ve only been in Tucson for a week and I’ve said that out loud like 5 times already.

And Quicktrips.  I went into a Quicktrip after church, which is a convenient gas station and was like.. Whoa, this place has pizza, taquitos, and a smoothie/espresso shop? This is so much better than AMPM. Where have you been all my life? I was literally mindblown.

Anyways, life update?  Currently, it’s exciting in the holy-shit-I-have-mounds-of-boxes-to-go-through. Which isn’t the worse thing the world; I’d rather be doing something else besides opening boxes, but it’s a rite of passage when moving that everyone must go through I suppose.

Until next time…

Entry 6: I Finally Made It to Church

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