Entry 9: Winter is Coming

I get two reactions whenever I pull the Winter is Coming line:

Those fans of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ fans often give me a sly smile in kudos of my wit as they put two and two together; my name being Winter, and ‘Winter is coming’  being a prophesied line said throughout the show. What exactly it means? No one really knows.

Then there are those  who automatically think of the sexually inappropriate, and in response give me a Winter! Here? Right Now?!? So dirty… look.

I’m sorry to disappoint those who opened this post expecting to read my predictions to next seasons Game of Thrones. Although, I don’t think Jon Snow died. I mean, he can’t have died, right?? He’s supposed to be the chosen one !

And to those who were expecting to read about my latest sexcapade. Well… lets just say, if my husband had a petronus (Harry Potter reference) – it would be an Italian Stallion. ::wink wink::

No, what I mean when I say that I’m coming – is that I’m coming home!! To Seattle, that is.

I know that it’s only been a month, but I’ve been thinking about this trip back since even before I even moved. I told my husband -who always gives me the best Christmas and birthday presents- that I wanted tickets to see my family and friends now and for every special occasion.

I can say that I’m not excited about the rain. While the rain never bugged me while I lived there, I never really knew how depressing it is until I  lived in constant sunshine.

But no big deal. My time will be full of friends and family and laughter and food and more good company.  And at end of the day, the rain will get zero fucks from me.

My biggest hope is that I’ll meet someone famous in the airport.  You always hear stories about someone you don’t really know why you’re friends with, meeting someone super famous and you’re like... dammit. if I was really good friends with this person, maybe I would be with them meeting this super cool person, but I’m always the person on the other side reading about how so-and-so met Wiz Khalifa, or so-and-so caught of whif of Ryan Gosling’s scent (omg! status update: he smelled like the summer breeze after drinking a margarita…mixed with the Holidays)

Every other year when  I go to Kansas for Christmas, I have this wishful thought that somehow I’ll meet Paul Rudd at the airport, because he’s from Kansas and apparently his mom still lives there. I know this because he was interviewed after a KC Royal baseball game and they were like..Your team just won!! How are you going to celebrate? and he was like.. uhm, go to my mom house?

I have no idea what I’d say to him, but I’d imagine we’d talk about Clueless, and how for some girls (not me of course), he was one of their first movie crushes Although, later on in life when I tried to calculate how old he was supposed to be  in the movie (wasn’t he in law school?)  and how old Alicia Silversone’s character was supposed to be (high school), it kind of weirded me out that his character might’ve been a cradle robber.

But so far, I’ve been to Kansas for 5 Christmases, and I still haven’t met Paul Rudd, but maybe on my way to Seattle I’ll meet someone else, like Brendon Fraser. Just kidding. I guarentee if I did do a selfie with him, half of everyone would be like wait, who’s that guy?  No, it has to be more relevant of a celebrity, someone that everyone will recognize and will be like.. Holy shit Winter, that’s so cool and awesome. Did you shake his hand?  Was he shorter in person? 

Well, we shall see if it happens that way. Right now, I’m just excited to see some of my favorite people, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

Entry 9: Winter is Coming

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