Entry 10: The Gym

I’m starting to get buff.

At first I thought it was a result of the light hitting different angles of my arms and the shadows creating the illusion that I’m building some sort of muscle, but no – there is some definite tone-age going on.

Although, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

And my husband’s word, because when the Hulk says something along the lines of “yea, looking good!” you know it’s the truth.

Why not take a picture as proof? Well, because I’m not going to take one of those selfies of myself in the mirror flexing or sticking my butt and my chest out while doing the duck face because that would be weird. I’m not going to lie, I’ve done the ‘duck face’ selfie before and while some people can make it work, I feel weird doing it. I think it’s because the whole look is supposed to be something of a seductive look, and I’m just awkward when it comes to being that kind of sexy. I can give you sexy humor and wit all day, but no duck face.

While I am seeing results of this muscle definition, I don’t want my end result to be that of an overly buff chick who can imitate with their broad shoulders and bulging quads. There are a few girls who work out at my new gym that are super buff and who I am both scared and in awe of at the same time; scared because I know they could probably beat me up, and in awe because their physique is like that of a totally different being who would probably survive the zombie apocalypse before me and everyone else. (My zombie apocalypse strategy as of now, is to find my husband because he would know what to do)

But I can’t hate on the buff chicks for achieving their goals. Work out goals are – I think- one of the hardest goals to achieve, especially when you like to eat and snack, like myself.  I have, however, become more aware of food and  am currently taking a food nutrition class that is helping me learn that eating healthy doesn’t mean you necessarily have to deprive yourself and that occasional splurge meal is totally okay.

Speaking of splurge meals, Husband and I recently discovered Five Guys, and O-my-God… where have you been all my life? Not only do their burgers melt in your mouth, they have peanuts that you can self-serve while you wait for your meal. Peanuts! The Roberts are also on this peanut kick so we found this thoroughly exciting.

Anyways, I’ll end with one last gym tangent.  I can’t help but notice that it’s a thing for the skinny / and or fit hot girls to put their cell phones in their sports bra, their cleavage acting as a sort of pocket holding their mobile device while they work out. I started noticing this after I got myself a $15 workout bag and at first I was like damn, is this what all the cool girls are doing? I found out too late! But then started thinking, meeh… boobs against cell phone while sweating, doesn’t seem like a good idea. So to this day, I continue to rock my $15 adidas workout bag, even though a small part of me wonders if I could ever be that cool to stick my cell phone in my sports bra. I mean, I guess I  could just do it, but in my heart of hearts I know I would feel ridiculous because in reality I think it’s stupid. Just as ridiculous as doing the duck -face selfie.


Entry 10: The Gym

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