Entry 47 : Halloween!!!

I’ve never been a big Halloween fan. I like passing out candy and seeing what cute outfits kids dress in (And what clever and slutty things adults dress up  in) . Yea, I probably wore some slutty outfit at some party during some point in my early 20’s,  but in general I was the girl who preferred to wear the “This is my Halloween shirt” to Halloween parties, or cat ears, because that was easy.

I know what you’re thinking, Where’s your sense of excitement and fun? To which , I don’t really have a good response to give you. I admit that I’m pretty lame – I read for fun, but I’m totally okay with that. So if you have a problem with that, well – whatever.

I do like dressing up my dog.

Gage, circa 2008

I don’t think he enjoyed it very much.

One thing that I heard on a podcast and read articles on after hearing this podcast is that some moms are trying to be sensitive as to what their kids dress up for Halloween, for fear that it might be seen as cultural appropriation.   

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Granted, I don’t have any kids, but I have friends that do and often think on the decisions I would make if I had any.  Personally, I wouldn’t be offended if a white kid wanted to dress up like Mulan or an Eggroll for Halloween, and would be okay with my kid dressing up like Elsa, but apparently there are others who think otherwise and are like, white kids need to back off Moana.

The way I see it, everyone’s culturally appropriating everyone. There are fashionable ponchos sold at Nordstrom. I almost bought one. Are native Americans offended by ponchos sold in Nordies? If so, Nordies better take that off the shelves.

The solution if you don’t want to offend anyone?  Dress your kid up like a rubix cube, a lego block, or Nemo. Those are pretty neutral and would be equally cute.

But yea, it’s Halloween is next week, which means, it’s almost Thanksgiving, which means… it’s almost Christmas.

How I feel about Christmas.

It really doesn’t seem like Fall in the desert since it’s still in the upper 80s , but I’m reminded that it is because of the pictures of yellow leaves and rain that everyone else is posting on social media. So thank you for that.

Random things that I like this week

“Havana” – Camila Cabello : This song has literally been on repeat the past few days.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation – I’m on a foundation kick and decided to try this out. This youtuber listed it as one of the best drugstore branded foundation… and omg, it hid my freckles with one layer and left a nice matte finish.


Walking Dead – The season premiere was this past week. Given the choice between Sunday night football and Walking Dead, we chose walking Dead, especially since the game was pretty boring by halftime.

This is Us – I know I’m one season late to the game, but omg! how is it possible to cry so much in one episode?

Until Next time….


Entry 46: Being Able to Go Streaking in Your Own House

We have had a house guest for a few days now, and while walking and streaking naked around my house was never something I really did prior to having a house-guest, there’s something about not being able to do it that makes it randomly cross your mind.

There probably is a psychological term for this: wanting something that you can’t have or can’t do. You hear a lot about this with people and relationships, where a girl has a crush on a guy who has no idea she exists, but when the guy eventually has a crush on said girl, the girl has moved on. Story of my early teens, but that’s another story for another day.

Don’t get me wrong, our house guest is really nice, she’s tries to buy us groceries, and we’ve had some pretty deep conversations. Like how ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Could aliens have helped? If not, then how were they able to build it with such precision? It sounds like one of those conversations one might have if on the weed, but I swear to you and your mother that we were not.

I did however have a few drinks of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey during this conversation. If you have not tried it and like to classily ( or non classily) sip on whiskey, it goes down super smooth and is amazing, causing you to question if it’s even alcohol. I must, however, bear warning to the fact that therein lies it’s danger –  after a few drinks you may find yourself  in a blanket burrito on the floor while watching netflix, then in the REM stage of sleep shortly thereafter. Countless times have I woken up at 4 am wondering how I just knocked out of nowhere, and looking up to see the tv lingering on the netflix screen asking me if I wanted to continue watching my show that has already played 5 episodes more than I remembered.

But digress.

Having a house guest….

As is often the case when one has a guest in a house (staying or visiting) a certain level of propriety is expected. One cannot liberally walk around without a bra or pants, or leave the bathroom door open while taking a poop. Adjusting a wedgie that’s riding up your butt will cause you to be weirdly looked upon, or – if you’re a male – putting your hands down your pants to adjust your dick will inevitably result in a look of disgust.

If you’re completely comfortable doing all those things while having a house guest…. good for you. I for one, am not. And so for this past week, I have suppressed such normal tendencies that would be deemed even the slightest bit improper.

So when house-guest went to work last week, and husband was home sick for the day (and I was home because… well, because I’m a lulu…)  after a shower I thought…hmmm… streaking…why not?  I jumped out of the shower, towel dried myself so I wasn’t dripping wet, went into the living room, and ran a few circles around the couch… naked. Meanwhile, husband laid on the couch, a tissue box on the side table, face all tiredly congested and a look of what are you doing? Undoubtedly, the security cameras caught it all on tape. And you know what? It was great.

I’m not saying that every time I have guests over, there will be this constant thought of  walking around naked while we’re conversing about whatever. That would be rude. But… I wouldn’t rule out the fact that it may happen at some point when there’s no one home.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great rest of your week. It’s starting to get cooler in the desert. This morning I woke up and took the trash out in 65 degree weather, and I was cold. It’s supposed to be 87 today. In a few months, you people who have inevitable bitter cold, grey weather will probably hate me.

Until next time…


Entry 45: Living in a Depressing World

When I woke up Monday morning, my heart wrenched as I saw the news about the Las Vegas shooting . A lot of us have – at some point – been to Vegas, walked the same streets (probably a little drunk or with a drink at hand. Shoot, I know I was)  been to the Mandalay Bay, and are now having those of thoughts of holy shit – I could have been there. I could have experienced that. 

Thankfully, we are safe. Me writing this little blurb, and you reading this or other articles, and watching the news with your hand over your heart while hugging your little ones, (or in my case my dogs ). All the while trying to process, What the fuck is wrong with this world. 

The thought comes up every time some sort of tragedy strikes. We become sad and upset and find ourselves wondering why these sort of things happen in life . The sad truth of it all is, it seems as if it has been happening more and more often.  One after the other, after the other,  leaving us with the inability to just focus on one thing. Or even have a breather.

It was earlier this year that there was that attack in Manchester during the Ariana Grande concert, and I remember feeling the same way as I do now. Yet with all the crap happening – the other attacks in London,  Black Lives Matter movements,  Antifa protests, natural disasters, the NFL, and now this – Manchester seems like a long time ago.

I will say that there are a few things that annoy me when these types of events happen

  1. stupid people rationalizing that it’s God’s way of getting rid of certain people, or hoping that it did:  in the case of Harvey, Irma, and the mass shooting – the “Trumptards”. I’m sorry, that’s a horrible thought.
  2. Politicians who immediately see these events as a way of furthering their agenda within hours of the event. I agree gun control is a thing that needs to be addressed, but can you give it at least 48 hours so we can process, and pray, and make sure all the victims and injured people are okay?

It’s depressing that this is the world we live in, and even more depressing to think of our future growing up in a world that is seemingly getting worse. But I think it’s important to remember that while these evils do exists, there is still good in the world. You don’t have to look very hard or very far to find it. It is times like these where good has the opportunity to shine,  where political and religious walls can be brought down to unite one human being to another, and where we as indiviudals can be reminded to fight the evils that do exist by being the best human beings we can be and instilling the same values upon our children to do the same.

That probably sounded cheesy or preachy.. or whatever, but I don’t know… this is kind of a big thing that just happened.  Hopefully I have something light-hearted to talk about next time… like how Husband is sick .. which is not light-hearted, but the fact that I’m suggesting Filipino remedies is. Stinky Asian Filipino oil (Husband – No). Let me put Vicks up your nose (no) . Let me put Vicks on your Feet (no) .

Anyways, until next time…