Entry 49 : People Just need to Chill

The other day, I was at Costco, waiting for the light to turn green so I could leave the parking lot. I left enough space between myself and the car in front of me so I wasn’t blocking people from turning into this particular parking aisle that I was by. This car, drives by me (and the 10 other cars behind me) in the right turn only lane, and then cuts in front of me in my own lane.

People are bitches. I mean, there’s bitches all throughout the year, but it seems like right when Thanksgiving is around the corner, they come out in full force and don’t go away until the New Year begins. They’re fighting for parking spots, fighting for apple pies at Costco, arguing about returns, cutting in front of me when I’m trying to be a decent human being and leave space so I’m not blocking a parking aisle.

People need to chill. You’ll get your damn apple pie at some point, and if someone took the last one at Costco, I think you will survive. And I don’t know, maybe the universe is telling you didn’t need that pie, that you should maybe walk off that anxiety and burn off those calories that you would have gotten if you got that apple pie. Just an idea. You’ll probably feel better afterwards.

And that toy that you’re fighting through the lines for and getting angry at everyone else for getting it before you, does this child you’re buying it for really need that toy?  really? I mean, Jesus got gold, frankincense, and myrrh (I had to look up how to spell the last two) You don’t hear any stories about him complaining about why he didn’t get whatever cool toy Jewish kids played with back in the day.

I’m not saying that everyone is horrible during the holidays, there are just those who sometimes forget the whole meaning of Christmas and become dicks to everyone else.  It’s the holidays. Instead of getting your panties all crinkled up in a bunch and stuck up your butt crack over trivial things,  enjoy your family, enjoy the spirit of Christmas, and don’t be a dick by cutting in front of me.. . Also, use your blinker… and put your shopping cart back in designated places instead of leaving them everywhere on the parking lot for the wind to blow into another car.

::End rant::

On a more positive note, I spent a few minutes of my day reading up how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged. Thank you Meghan Markle for ruining one of the few chances left out there for single women (or married if they want to be shady) to become a princesses.

I’ve also started to put up Christmas decor in my house and playing Christmas music. Husband would always stop me when I used to talk about Christmas in August. This past year, I locked up that excitement til Thanksgiving was over… well, okay, maybe a little before then, but still… I waited for a long time, and now it’s coming in full force.

Until next time….


Entry 48: Being an Introvert

The other morning, I was in my room, waiting for my house guest to leave for work.

I know, it’s my house and I should be able to go out to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, but it was also 6am and my house guest can be extremely chatty, even in the wee hours of the morning.

I’ve wondered why she’s chatty. Is it because she thinks I want to chat? That because I don’t have much person to person contact on a daily basis, that I need to chat? I mean, I say ‘hi’ to the gym receptionist and interact with the Target cashier when she asks me how my day is, but at the end of the day, do I look like I’m friend deficient?

After the first few days of her stay, there was a decline in my ability to keep up in conversation.

Are you okay? I’m concerned because you’re not acting normal. 

The truth is, I’m an introvert, and while I can be extroverted for a short moment in time, I can’t make a marathon of it.  I found it funny that after a few days of knowing me, she thought that being chatty was normal for me.

Perhaps she wanted me to open up about my life, tell her my deepest secrets, and then become joy luck club sisters. I don’t know. The thing is, I’m pretty selective about who I really open to, and even then, I don’t do it quite often.  It’s a trust thing… so if you’ve seen me ugly cry. Congratulations. You’re a part of my selective ugly cry squad.

Every girl needs one,  a group of girls – with maybe a gay guy mixed in there – who doesn’t judge you, will drink wine with you, eat mochi cake, and candy while your waterproof mascara runs down you face. In light of Thanksgiving,  my go-to gals are the best and I’m forever thankful for them.

I know, it just got emotional there, but you know what – finding amazing friends is a beautiful thing

Anyways, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Husbands mom and stepdad are coming into town soon. I’m been trying pretty hard to clean up the house, but can’t clean the spares til house guest leaves in a couple of days. Husband’s mom likes to clean while she visits, but my goal is to have her visit us and having nothing to clean

As for things I like :

Gigi Hadid Mabelline lip.  They upped the price for her Mabelline line (because of her name) and it made me hesitant about getting anything from her in the first place.  You can get somewhat of the same thing for less but I did get her lipstick. It’s surprisingly smooth, and moisturizing if you want to spend the extra $3-4

Starbucks – Holiday Drinks!  It’s still hot in the desert (highs in the 80s), but gets cold enough in the morning to get a warm drink. My favorite part of the holidays is the peppermint drinks at Starbucks.

Christmas Display – I’ve been really good about not getting excited about Christmas too early, but ever since Michael’s and Target put up their displays in their stores, I’ve gone out of my way to peruse the aisles and just be…  with my Peppermint Coffee from Starbucks. I can’t wait to decorate after Thanksgiving.

Quay Sunglasses. While a lot of the country is battling high winds and rain and storms, I’m on the market for new sunglasses.

Anyways, that’s it for know. I hope every one has a great rest of your week. 🙂 Until next time.