Entry 66: You Guys, It’s Rodeo Week

It’s been two years since Husband and I moved to the desert and we had never gone to a Rodeo Week rodeo… until this year.

You might be thinking, wait… what? Which is the exact same thing I was saying when people were telling me about it. But yes friends, in the desert, there is a week dedicated to the rodeo. There’s a parade, kids get a few days off of school, even husband got a day off of work from his new job because of it.

It’s kind of a big deal.

In light of rodeo week, Husband and I decided to get cowboy boots…. and let me tell you, walking into the local boot barn for the first time in my life was overwhelming. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb with my Starbucks coffee and Jcrew Outfit.

And there were so many boots for daaays.

Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 10.35.43 AM

Seriously, how do you choose?

They’re not cheap either. Every boot that I liked were priced around $150 – $200, but I guess I didn’t know what to expect in terms of price and had never thought about it.

My heart eventually led me to these beauties..

I know, they totally scream out Murrica! and are a little flashy. I was going to get boots a little less so and let me blend in the background, but husband convinced me that I needed this in my life

So I went to the rodeo trotting around in these patriotic boots and despite my worry, I don’t think anyone noticed. Or if they did, I was too busy taking in everything around me.

It was my first time to the rodeo and so everything was new to me. I had spent a majority of my life in the burbs where rodeos and cowboy boots were a foreign thing, and now I was experiencing it. I wasn’t as engrossed in the sport as much as others were around me, but was more so observant of everything and everyone around me, like it was a big social – anthropological observation.

What I can say is that the rodeo definitely has it’s own energy – unique and rugged, catered to the individual who knows how to ride horses, herd cattle, milk the cow, or farm. All around me were vets, active servicemen and women and their families who all seemingly held the same values of love of God, and love of country. Everyone stood for the flag, and everyone prayed together.

It was the prayer that caught me by surprise. I’ve been to a number of sporting events – football games, basketball games, hockey, etc. etc. – and while we always saluted the flag, I can’t remember an event where we just all bowed our heads and prayed as one… to God. I’m not saying every sports should do it now, but it warmed my little Catholic heart to be praying with a bunch of strangers in one united prayer.

All in all, it was a fun time. Anyone who knows me knows that going to a rodeo is out of my normal realm, but the more I step out of my bubble, the more I realize that doing so helps me (in particular) to understand life more. What often differentiates one from the other is the experiences that one has that works to define who they are, and what they find important, but people are people. It’s funny how many of us forget that, especially when it comes to politics as of late.

Yea, I got all this from going to a rodeo.

Anyways, I feel like that was kind of a serious entry, so end it with a few photos from the rodeo. I wish I brought my better lens, I could’ve done some action shots, but next time.

I don’t know what’s going on.
Me enjoying el rodeo

Things I like this week:

Kettlecorn from the Rodeo – The kettlecorn I got from the rodeo is quite possibly the best kettlecorn I’ve had, ever. I have a half a bag left, but I feel like it’s going to be gone soon.

Costco Citi Card Rebate – I just got my rebate for 2017 back from our Citi Costco card, and boy, was it was a nice one. I’d like to think it was just a testimony of how smart I shopped, there’s a certain percentage that you get for certain things (4% gas, 3% restaurants/travel, etc. etc. ), but it could also be a testimony of how much money we spent.

Hidden FiguresHighly recommend. It’s inspiring to see what the main characters were able to achieve for being women, and for being black in the 1960s.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I don’t know what’s up with this weather, but it’s kind of cold in the desert, and I’m starting not to like it. I have to wait 3 minutes for the water to get warm to wash my hands, but hopefully this week will warm up. Maybe?


Screenshot 2018-02-27 at 8.43.14 AM

I guess this is better than what other people are experiencing right now.

Until next time.


Entry 65: Fitness Friday – People Watching People

The other day, I was doing an arm exercise in front of a mirror at the gym, and looking to the left, I noticed this chick’s eyes linger on me, and then flick away.

This happens all the time at the gym, people watching people through the mirrors that line the walls, and then quickly diverting their gaze elsewhere lest they get caught. I’ve caught other people doing it, I do it.

In fact, just the other day, through the mirror, I saw this older gent go on the treadmill two machines over, and proceed to run a faster pace than me. I was determined to win out in endurance despite the slower run, but in the end he was victor in that too.  I know what you’re thinking, you let an old dude outrun you? and I am ashamed.  He was probably people watching me through the very same mirrors I was looking in at him, internally laughing at the fact that despite being twice my age, he was running laps around me.

But hey, kudos to him.

I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life and it’s made me look at a lot of things from a psychological perspective, including why I find myself looking around during my gym time, the one time I’m supposed to be focusing on me. Am I judging? Comparing? Or Both? Am I letting my ego be fed? Or letting my self-esteem become beaten by the idea that other people look better than me?

For the most part, I feel like people watching motivates me to work out harder and not slack, but it has made me aware of my own self-consciousness and how it’s affected me in doing things like my brows before the gym, or lotioning up my ashy legs, or making sure it’s not obvious that I’m wearing granny panties, because God forbid I get people watched and someone is like She’s cute, and her squats are on point – but from the look of the lines from the tight pants, she got some granny panties on.

I realize that these are precautions I’m taking just in case someone is watching,  but it goes to show how (perceived) societal perception can affect what we do, and sometimes how we think of ourselves. These perceptions can often be mistaken for fact, when in reality, the truth of who we are can only be revealed when we take a moment to truly look into the core self in to order discover our likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and acknowledge our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

I know, I just got kind of deep there, but like I said, this book I’m reading has got me thinking all psychologically about stuff.

Anyways, I end this with my fitness thing:

If You’re Going to Eat Bacon, Eat  Bacon

A while back, I read this book called Fitness Confidential, by Vinny Tortorich who is a celebrity fitness trainer.   Husband had recommended it after hearing him in a podcast a few times, but one of the things that I got from the book is the importance of eating foods in it’s most whole state as possible. So no processed or packaged foods.  His reasoning? If you think about the amount of stuff and the process that it takes to make canned food, packaged or processed stuff, or non-fat milk, why would want to put these things in your mouth?

After reading the book, we switched out non-fat milk for whole milk, began cutting out the processed foods in our pantry and fridge (including ready made meals, deli meats, top ramen, pasta noodles) and started eating quality whole foods including foods that contained healthy fats (like nuts, avocados) to help control hunger. Of course, it’s hard not to completely cut out everything processed, and so when we want to include something processed like bacon, we don’t do some weird fake-ass bacon, we make regular bacon, but we don’t go overboard in eating too much of it. Quantity is just as important as quality.

Like I’ve said before, this whole health thing is a journey which I’m still continuing to learn, so I’d love to hear what you guys do, if there’s a super food that you’re loving, or a recipe? I haven’t made anything new in a while…

Anyways, until next time…

Entry 65: Pow ! You’ve Just Been Valentined

Husband and I don’t really get each her stuff for Valentines, or any holiday really. When you’ve been with someone for so long it’s like, what do you get them? Especially when they usually get what they want when they want it.

But I always make sure we exchange cards for Valentines.

This is the card I made for husband.



I saw a similar card at Target for $5 and was like…pssssh, I can make that.

And this is is what husband got me.

You better believe that made my day

That and talking to my dad on the phone.

I was driving to grab take-out sushi for Valentines day dinner (because we’re romantic like that) when my mom called me.

Your dad wants to tell you something

For a moment there was a bit of silence as my mom shuffled the phone to my dad, and then I heard a muffled voice.

It wasn’t distinct or well-articulated, it sounded as if he was trying to talk with a bunch of marshmallows in his mouth, but I got what he said.

Happy Valentines Day, Win

It left me a little choked up, and while I maintained a happy tone in response of his well wishes,  I felt as if life had given me an unexpected emotional curve ball. A happy one at that. My dad, who had been a helpless vegetable two months prior, was wishing me a Happy Valentines.

So yea, those two things made my Valentines Day. I know it wasn’t exciting like a new bag or shoes or flowers, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the little, everyday things.

Things I like this week:

Jumanji I know this movie has been out for a bit, but husband and I just saw it over the weekend and thought it was really entertaining and worth the amount we spent to see it in the theaters. Usually I’m not the type to re-watch movies or shows, but this is one of those fun movies that I’m willing to watching again.

Frontier Season 2  – I killed through Season 1, and then stopped watching because some other show came up, now I’m picking back up again. Really, I like any show that taps into History, but the only thing I don’t get about this show is the quotes from current pop culture figures like Beyonce’ and Ice-T that they flash in the beginning. If someone could enlighten me on what that does for the show to specifically quote people from today?

Things I don’t Like:

Jack Daniels Caramel Fudge –  I got this for Valentines Day from Total Wine because I thought it would be good and me and husband could share, but it was disappointing. If there’s anything I know, it’s candy. Don’t get it.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston Split – It shouldn’t shock anyone when a Hollywood couple breaks up, but some couples you can’t help but root for. Justin and Jennifer were one of them. As well as Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.  ::Sigh:: I don’t know who to root for anymore…

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great rest of your week. This week is rodeo week in the desert, which is kind of a big deal in the desert. I’ll let you know how that goes later because… I got tickets to the rodeo! I know, I’ve become such a townie. Also, it’s been cloudy and rainy for five days. I’m so over it. What else…husband started his first day of work yesterday and he said his work has a 2:00 tea time on Tuesdays. I was like, you mean like with biscuits and little sandwiches?  I may just happen to stop by on Tuesdays to check it out. 

Until next time….


Entry 64: Of Love and Ash

Forewarning, this entry is a bit religious… because it’s Ash Wednesday and kind of a big deal for Catholics/Christians who see this as the beginning of a month and a half of spiritual prep for Easter.

It’s also Valentines day.

You better believe I got my ashes on this morning…and then later tonight when husband gets home, I’m going to give him a DIY card, sushi, and Jack Daniels fudge, and then we’re going to have a dance party. 😉

Many Catholics have probably already contemplated the coincidence of Ash Wednesday and Valentines falling on the same day. Or maybe they haven’t and I could be the only one. It seems befitting that these two holidays should be one in the same day. True, dwelling on Jesus’ death for a month a half can kind of be depressing, and combined with the infusion of a few more Catholic rules of what you can and cannot eat and do, I can understand why people might gloss over Lent in general and skip to coloring eggs and taking pictures with the Easter bunny.

But to me, Jesus’ death is the ultimate act of love, even more so than that $10-$20 box of chocolates and my DIY card; Lent is just a reminder of that love.

This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time for me. These past few days I’ve been doing a lot of self-contemplation and reflection, looking at myself in the bareness of my vulnerabilities and (if I can be honest) I’ve been kind of lost and wandering aimlessly trying to find out who I am and what I should be doing with my life in order to find some purpose or meaning. Sure, I get that life happens and often changes what plans you had for yourself 10 years ago, but thinking about all this has brought me face to face with the following truth: I have not cared for myself as well as I should.

Maybe you’re surprised that this is the case (which means I’m really good at creating a facade). Or maybe it’s something you could have told me based on the fact that I have really bad posture, but it’s a mental block that I’ve struggled to find a way out of since I was kid and which I’m starting to realize the negatives effects of. It’s the voice that has continually told myself I cant, or that something wasn’t worth trying because I wasn’t worth the chance of failing. It is the thing that has ultimately brought me to this state of limbo.

I know, these are super depressing realizations, and you’re probably like you’re so valuable and have so much potential, you don’t even know. I have had many people tell me this on many occassion, it’s just that when a negative mentality has been so engrained for so long, it becomes the truth you believe, and sometimes the truth you believe makes all the difference, not what people tell you.

But like I said, that’s where the combo of Lent and Valentine’s seemingly has its perfect timing: to break through that stupid mental limbo wall of low self-opinion and remind me that despite whatever thoughts or feelings or sinfulness I might have, I am worth it, because why else would Jesus have died?

Anyways, I hope everyone has a blessed Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day, and day in general. I’m still trying to figure out what to give up, but my priest did shed some light on the fact that it should be personal and we shouldn’t just go through the motions. In whatever we give up, should wake up hungry, go through the day hungry, and go to bed even more hungry for Jesus.

Until next time….

Entry 63 : Take Me With Yoooou

Have you read travel blogs or scrolled through pictures depicting all the places that people have gone? One moment they’re in Spain, the next moment South Africa, then Dubai. Usually, I’m sitting on the shit can or on the couch drinking my after workout shake, jealously thinking, how do these people afford to go everywhere?

Now I’m not talking about those people who go on vacation because they saved up money and vacation time; I’m talking about the people who – this is what they do. They spend the majority of the year going from place to place, eating local foods, shopping at local markets, and looking at picturesque scenery most people only see on the travel channel.

Maybe their work takes them all over the place, maybe they’re trust fund babies, or maybe they saved up a bunch of money, sold everything they had and financially planned the next 5 years to be a nomad with nothing except whatever is in their Eddie Bauer backpack.

Or maybe they married someone whose job requires them to travel everywhere, and they just tag along for the ride.

Like the blogger from The Everywhereist.

If you’ve never read this blog, give it a try – it’s packed with wit and stories about sometimes the most random of places and experiences. And… the writer (Geraldine) is from Seattle.

(Random story – I swear to God I saw Geraldine in Portland once. I was crossing a street and we crossed paths. After which, I turned around and saw the side of her face, then I turned to my husband and whispered I think that’s Geraldine! From the blog that I like!!! I was tempted to follow her and ask her for a picture)

I bring travel up since husband is starting a new job soon at a company that is building this telescope in Chile. To be specific : A Large Synoptic Space Telescope. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds smart, and large.

This new job will mean husband will be travelling more often than not (in fact he’s already got 2 trips lined up next month) which will be completely new thing for us. But I think it’ll be fine, it’ll just mean I eat dinners by myself, I’ll be alone in the house with my dogs, and will be blogging more about my feelings on being alone. That’s all.

::insert guilt trip::

Naah, I’m totally just kidding. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’m just really proud of him for being so hardworking and smart, and that really cool places are head hunting him. But, if he goes to someplace awesome he should totally take me with him … you know, for support. 😉

And he should totally let me decorate his office. I know for a lot of people having an office isn’t a big deal, but when he told me I was like ::gasp:: does it have a window? do you get blinds? will it have your name plated on the door? Are you going to get a lamp? To which he looked at me like I don’t know… I haven’t even started working there yet.

Anyways, things going on this week – today is Mardi Gras, and tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. What to give up….Last year I gave up social media; this year I was thinking alcohol, but then realized I bought this ‘special’ Chilean wine that me and husband are supposed to drink on Thursday in celebration of his new job. I don’t really know if it’s special or not, but I did forage through the wine aisles at Total Wine for 10 minutes looking specifically for a Chilean wine. Usually I buy wines if the bottle looks cool, or if the name sounds intriguing, but this time I was like… No! it needs to be from Chile! So I don’t know, I have another 24 hours to figure out what to do for Lent.

I’ll end this with some blogs I like besides Everywhereist, you know… just in case you were looking for something. Forewarning, these are food blogs:

Week of Menus

The woman who writes this blog is a Korean mom and with each recepe she posts, she writes a story (if you will) of stuff going with her life and kids. I find it heartwarming and entertaining. I’ve made her mochi cake, green tea mochi cake, and her twice baked wings on a regular basis

I am a Food Blog

I just love the photography and the creativeness in some of the dishes that this blogger’s posts. It has made me want to cook more and step-up my food photography game when posting on social media.

Let me know what blogs or people you follow. I literally spent an hour last week before bed trying to find some new good people to follow and read, but couldn’t find anything that I wanted to commit to.

…Until next time.

Entry 62: Fitness Friday – Our Chiropractor’s Wife is Hot

Last year, husband started seeing a chiropractor for back issues he was having. With some lifestyle adjustments and making it a point to stretch, his back is doing much better ::knock on wood::, but during his weekly visits to the chiropractor, we got to know the practitioner he was seeing, as well as his very fit and hot wife.

It turned out, she worked out at the same gym husband and I go to, but I hadn’t noticed her at first; she would always wear over-sized shirts / sweatshirts that would hide any indication that she had a toned bod, .

Then one day, she took off her baggy clothes and worked out in nothing but tight leggings and a sports bra: She had one those bodies you see in those fitness motivation instagram pictures, with the perfect butt, arms, and abs. You better believe it had me looking twice. Everybody was looking twice

From that point on, it felt intimidating watching her do lunges and squats with 3x the weight I was doing, and sweat rolling down her seemingly photo-shopped abs. She was in her 40s, a wife, mom, helped out with her husbands chiropractic business… all the while maintaining the perfect bod. Whereas I was in my 30s, no job, and no abs.

But as intimidating as I found her, I couldn’t hate on her; you can’t really hate on someone who works that hard to reach any goal, whether its a fitness, career, or personal one. I’m trying to work on my own personal goal of actually being the person I want to be, not just sitting around watching people live life.

So, I’ve been trying to be more fit. It’s hard because I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, but it’s coming along slowly but surely.

Which brings me to what I’m trying to focus on a bit

Project Bubble Butt

I naturally do not really have a butt, but I’m trying to work with what I have. Currently, there’s a little bit of a lift at the top, and it kind of transitions to my thigh. But I’m trying to work on getting more of a cusp at the bottom.



After talking with husband who’s so full of workout knowledge,  it’s apparently all about the butt squeeze  in order to get the cusp.  So this past week I’ve been doing extra butt workouts with such workouts like dead lifts, weighted hip bridges, and weighted donkey kicks, and making sure that as I’m coming up with the dead lifts/hip bridges, that I use butt muscles to come up, then intentionally squeezing when I reach the peak, then slowly retract back to the original state.

Hip bridges


I like taking vids to make sure I have my form down and doing the exercise right, but in this one I don’t think I do. It’s kind of hard to tell with the angle, but I feel like my feet could have gone in a little bit more.  Also I could’ve done more weight, but as my butt’s going up I’m thinking BUTT SQUEEEZE! 

Anyways, let me know what you guys think. If there’s something else that you’ve done to help you get your bubble butt.

Entry 61 : The Kylie Jenner Preggo Mystery Solved… We can Move On, I think

Confession : These past few months I have been trying to wrap my head around the mystery of whether or not Kylie Jenner was pregnant.

I know, how could I waste my time engrossed in something so irrelevant in my own life? Granted, it’s not like I spent all day, every day trying to figure it out (I would like to think I I have more of a life than that) but every so once in a while, I would come across something on my social media feed that would suck me in to this black hole of youtube videos and tmz photos of Kylie Jenner/Kylie Jenner look-a-likes in over-sized hoodies. One picture would lead to another, that would lead to a video, that would lead to another picture, and after 30 minutes of going into this loop, I still was left with the question of is she? or isn’t she?

It’s not like I even like the Kardashians. I know some people like to watch their show as their guilty pleasure, but I can’t. And it’s not just them, I generally don’t really keep up with celebrity news and Hollywood gossip and am usually the one who’s like Wait, who is this person? and how are they famous?

But the mystery of whether or not Kylie Jenner was pregnant sucked me in and it was uncertain whether I would stop caring.

Thankfully, a video was a released a few days ago revealing the truth of the matter, and now I can stop spending my life on trying to figure it out. While I read somewhere that she had shied away from the media because she wanted to keep it private, it has left me wondering if that really was the reason, or if it was some sort of strategic scheme to suck people like me in. I mean, I want to believe the former, but I don’t know. They are, after all, reality stars who monetize on their perceived relevancy in the world.

I won’t pass judgement on her. Maybe she really was just ready to be a mom, which often times is not the case with most girls her age. I just hope that young girls who look up to her won’t start having babies just because Kylie Jenner did. I mean, I’m not a parent, but I feel like there’s so much more to being a one than doing it because a celebrity does.

Anyways, a few things I like this week:

Justin Timberlake Half-Time Performance – Let me start by saying that I don’t really like his new album Man of the Woods. I mean, there are few songs that I think I can grow to like, but I didn’t connect with it as much as the previous albums. A part me of the disappointment is that I half expected it to be a little country (especially since one of the songs he released was with Chris Stapleton), but even as a pop album (or whatever genre you want to label it) I can’t get myself to really like it. Maybe I just need to give it time and have Top 40 radio brainwash me into liking it.

His halftime show was amazing though. I think if you weren’t so much a Eagles/Patriots/Football fan, you watched the superbowl for the half-time show…. and the commercials. A majority of the songs performs were hits from the previous album. A part of me was wishing/hoping NSync would pop out and do “Bye Bye Bye”, but it was still good.

Chris Stapleton/Justin Timberlake “Tennessee Whiskey – So after seeing the video for JTs “Say Something” feat. Chris Stapleton , the video for their 2015 CMA performance came up on my youtube feed. I had seen it before a while ago, but found myself watching it again and it’s made my top-10 songs that I’ve been listening to. There’s something about this song that just digs right into your soul, and with JT in it… when he comes in with that second verse. Oh. em. gee. I just about died. Plus, I like Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. 🙂

Jordan Peterson “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: This guy is a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto. I first heard about this guy after husband showed me this youtube video of him debate this journalist. Then I started hearing him more and more in podcasts that we listen to like Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla…and while it seems like the left doesnt like him as much, I started reading his book and I think it’s great. Granted, I’m still on the first chapter, but it has definitely made me reflect what I’m doing in my own life and has an interesting outlook on things…like on why you should always have good posture, and clean your room before you start judging others.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Until next time….

Entry 60: Fitness Fridays – Maybe I should do Myself Up More

Do you ever go to the gym, and see girls with full on make-up like they’re going on a date or the club afterwards? I’m talking about girls who specifically get their face done up so they can go to the gym with full coverage foundation, eyeliner, lipstick,… everything.

I usually go to the gym anywhere between 5 am -10 am, so I know they’re not coming home from work. Unless they’re a stripper. Which, that would make logical sense why anyone would have make-up on that early in the morning, but these ladies don’t look like the stripper type so I feel comfortable with crossing that off the list of reasons.

Then another thought crossed my head – maybe… they are husband hunting. 

I remember the days of single life, where there was always this need to look on-point regardless if you’re just going to the pharmacy to pick up tampons or getting a coffee. You know, just in case you were to cross paths with your soulmate. Then, when you find someone, get married, and eventually have kids, that need sort of just fades away because… well, for me why would you spend all that time getting ready when you’re just going to Target for a few things (which end up being a lot of things…. but that’s another story)

Or maybe they just put on make-up because it makes them feel good. I mean, that’s really the reason why people go to the gym in the first place, right? Maybe for these ladies who take the time to do themselves up, it’s a part of their process to feel good. In that case, do you  – but be aware that sweating with that amount of make-up may clog up your pores.

One thing that seeing these females all done-up has done is made me a little self-conscious about my own appearance at the gym. I know I shouldn’t care and just do my thing, but a part of me is like, at least brush you’re hair so you don’t look like you came out of a tornado. So I’ve been doing that, and (this might seem odd) making sure my brows are done. I’ve heard it said that brows set the stage for how people see you (so make sure you’re brows are on-point)  and I believe it.  My brows naturally are a little wild, just doing them (without doing anything else) makes me look a little more put together.

And so… with that… I leave with some things I’ve been doing with my fitness training.

In my effort to look more toned, I’ve been working on the efficiency of my workout. That includes, maximizing the amount that my muscles are used in every rep that I do. So if I’m working out a bicep, I make sure that I’m not using any other muscle other than the bicep with proper form and proper weight. I have this counting method, where with a 1 count I work the muscle, pause for 1 second, and then with counts 2-4, I slowly retract to the original state

For example – with a bicep curl:

1 count – Curl bicep, Pause for 1 second, then with counts 2-4 slowly bring the weight down

Tricep Extention:

1 count – Extend Tricep. Pause for 1 second. With counts 2-4 slowly retract to the original state.

With Squats, the count is opposite, I go down with a count of 3. pause for a second. Then, use my heels to drive up with a count of 1

There’s  a proper terms for these that husband was trying to explain to me (Time Under Tension, Eccentric Muscle Training), but basically this method maximizes how your muscle is used in a given rep. A lot of times people use other muscles (like their back) to do a something like a bicep, and then let gravity bring the weight down, so the actual muscle is used minimally.

Which brings me to my last bit of knowledge on why muscle building is good for you. 1 lb of fat needs like 3 calories a day. 1 lb of muscle needs like 150 calories a day to maintain. Don’t quote me on the exact numbers, but the point is it’s a large ratio so… building muscle is good.

Anyways, that’s probably a lot of info. I probably should do a video showing?  I don’t know. I’m still learning these things, but find it helpful to share what I’m doing so it sinks in my head and makes sense to me.

Until next time.