Entry 79: Getting Hollered At When Your Ring Is At The Jewelers

There’s this episode of How I Met Your Mother where the character Robin notices that she, in a sense, has become invisible after getting engaged to Barney. In putting on her engagement ring, she is no longer able to get free coffee or bagels, no one allows her to cut in line, the bartender no longer sees her when she tries to order beer, and she basically become like Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings

It was a funny episode, like many of the episodes of the show, but I never dwelt on whether there was any truth to it all until a few weeks ago, when I went to the grocery store without my ring.

Husband and I had dropped our ring off the day before at a Shane Co that was 2 hours away, and were anticipating on being ring-less for a week, but I walked into that grocery store, and let me tell you… it was as if the Red Sea had parted. I suddenly noticed smiles coming my way, guys were moving to the side so I could push my wagon through the aisle, I was asked multiple times if I needed help finding things (after the 4th time I was just like.. Bacon! I need bacon!)

Maybe the grocery store workers were giving exceptional customer service that day, maybe people always smile but I never notice because I tend to avoid eye contact, maybe I don’t notice people move to the side so I could go through aisles because I usually go grocery shopping on weekdays at 9 am when the retired people do their shopping.

Maybe it was all a coincidence, but how would you explain a random guy asking me if I had come to the grocery store alone while I was looking for tomatoes in the produce section?

Not going to lie, I thought it was a creepily weird thing to ask… something that psycho abductors say before they lure you in with brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Why wouldn’t I go to a grocery store alone? I’m an adult woman in my 30’s, and even if I didn’t look like I was 30, surely I looked older than 18. Surely… Maybe.

“Yea?”I responded, confused.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Ahhhhhh! The light bulb came on. It made sense. I was being chatted up, which caught me off guard considering I don’t think I’ve been properly chatted up before, or if I have, it’s been a while. Was this how random single people chatted up other seemingly random single people in today’s dating world? I thought most people did apps like Tinder, or Grinder…

“No boyfriend, but I do have a husband.”

The rejected suitor gave me a look of shock; he had crossed a line he had never intended on crossing by hitting on a married woman.

Oh my Gosh!” he exclaimed, and apologetically stepped back, his hand covered his mouth in embarrassment, then touched his chest as if in a heartfelt apology.

I didn’t see a ring,” he tried to explain. “I didn’t know you were married.

“My ring’s at the cleaners,” I explained. “It’s okay.

I pushed my cart towards the bacon aisle, processing the fact that I just got hollered at.

I got my ring back a week later, and looking at it in its clean, shiny, pristine state, I can see how it acts a ward for other guys to Fuck off. Apparently, its been doing that for 9 years.

Anyways I hope everyone has good rest of their week. Husband is in Boston this week so I’m riding solo, but keeping busy with doing a load of crafty projects and cleaning the house.

Things I like this Week:

How To Be A Latin LoverThis movie is now on prime, but I had been wanting to watch this for a while. It looks cheezy in the trailer, and it is…but it’s also heartwarmingly funny.

Instant Pot! – It was my birthday this past weekend and husband got me an instant pot! I’ve only been wanting one for 2 years, putting it on my Christmas and Birthday wish list. So excited to make instant pot dishes.

Jergens Natural Glow – It’s getting really hot in the desert, and I have this really ugly short’s tan line from doing outdoor stuff. It’s like my legs are nicely tan, then there’s a white ass. There’s no transition, it just goes abruptly from tan legs to white ass. I’d put a picture up but I don’t know if that would be appropriate. You’d probably like.. daannng! Anyways, I bought this to try to ombre it out. I don’t know if it’s works yet, but it smells nice.

That’s all I have for now. Until next time…


Entry 78: Oh, Canada – How The Airlines Lost Our Bag.

I should have known it was going to be a stressful trip the moment that Anne, the United Airlines ticketing agent, notified us that our flight out of the desert was delayed by an hour and that our only option was to take a route that would get us to Victoria, BC by 9 pm.

It was 6:30 am and I remember shooting daggers at her with my glares (or at least trying to), sending her subliminal messages of What do you mean I’m not getting there til later tonight!?! But Anne met my evil looks without a flinch of emotion. Her empathy had more than likely been sucked out of her soul after her second day on the job, making her impervious to the worst of plights, including my own.

The delayed flight was just the beginning: Upon arrival to San Francisco, our flight got rebooked to Calgary, which then had a connecting flight to Victoria, BC.

Well, as long as we get there, we conceded.

With an hour layover in Calgary, we went through customs and waited for our luggage until we were the last ones at the carousel.

What do you mean our bags never left San Francisco?!? We asked the customer service luggage man, preparing for an all out bitch out.

I don’t know, it never left. I suggest you run to your flight to Victoria before you miss it.

He was lucky. The fact that we only had 15 minutes to get through security and to our terminal, spared him from what would inevitably have made his day 10 times worse than it already has was. We ran through the airport, and went through a security check point that literally took 10 minutes even though there was only 1 person ahead of us.

Luckily, they held the plane for us and as we sat in our seats, they quickly shut the doors and took off.

We arrived in Victoria safely, but half of the time was spent on the phone with airline’s customer service in India trying to figure how to get our bags to us in time for the wedding we were attending. It was a shame that we couldn’t fully enjoy Victoria, it really is a pretty city.

But I can’t say the trip was all bad. We did enjoy the time we forced ourselves to break away from the stress to spend time friends and the wedding at Hatley Castle.


After Canada, we drove stateside to the old hood I grew up in. We walked the streets, went to the mall, and hung out with more friends.

We were reunited with our bag on the evening of the 3rd day. The hotel receptionist called us at 10:30 pm notifying us that our bag had arrived and I just about cried.

The most emotional part of the trip was that I got to see my dad come home. It wasn’t planned, but he had been at a rehab facility for 5 months since his stroke, and while he wasn’t 100% (I don’t think he’ll ever be) my mom decided to bring him home.

We got to my parents before my dad arrived. There was a lot of hustle and bustle until he was finally settled in, but as he lay in the bed that my mom set up in the small living room of her apartment, I eyed the dusty Sherman Clay that had been untouched for years and played what broken Beethoven I could remember. I played Fur Elise like a newbie, making mistake after mistake, and at the sound of music my dad began to cry.

It wasn’t just a single tear that somehow emerged and slid down his cheek, but a flood of emotions that welled and uncontrollably gushed out in joy. My mom, forgetting, in that moment, every argument they might have had during their marriage, held his hand and stroked his face in comfort. He was home and around family.

There’s something about seeing your parent weep for the first time breaks away every idea of invincibility you might have had regarding them. For me, it became a growing-up point, making me realize that for all the times they had wiped away all my tears, it was now time for me to do that for them.

Anyways, the next Seattle trip is in August. Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with everyone and see the people I didn’t get to see this time

This I like this week.

Amazonian Clay Foundation $25 Sale @Ulta. One of my favorite foundations went on sale this week. I bought one the other week before the Canada / Victoria trip and had to buy another one. Normally it’s $40

Grilled Corn with Tajin – I discovered tajin at this brewery I had gone to when I first moved to the desert and had mainly put it on popcorn. the other day, husband grilled some corn and I sprinked some of it on there..and omg. It was delish.

Anyways that’s all for now. Nothing new is happening this week, just gotta fix some issue my car is having. That should be fun. Until next time…everyone have a great week!