Entry 91: Fitness Fridays – A Whale Walks Into the Gym – Pregnant Gym Diaries

The thing about walking into the gym when you’re pregnant AF, is that everyone will stare. I mean, EVERYONE. Especially when they haven’t seen you in a while.

I’d tried to Kylie Jenner it for a while, wearing over-sized sweatshirts and sweatpants to make people think that maybe I had just gained some weight, but towards the end of the second trimester and into the third, that was no longer possible.

“Embrace the belly”, husband told me one day

But it’s so hard; 6 months ago I had what might of been abs (I’m not sure, it might of been the shadows), and now I’m waddling all whale-like with my bones feeling like that of  a 75 year old woman with osteoporosis.  Getting out of bed is a chore, bending over to pick up socks that my pregnant clumsy self dropped is hard; I had to get slip on sneaks because it got to the point where I was trying to tie my shoes and after a few minutes was just like, nope. 

Which leaves me wondering, how are some moms so glowy and so zen in the midst of all of this? I try drink more water, put on extra moisturizer and highlighting creme on the high points of my face, but I think my internal struggle with my changing body comes out, and I just look like  a pregnant woman with a scowled, but nicely highlighted face.

I’m doing better though, with embracing the belly.  At this point, it is what it is. There’s no question of is she? or isn’t she? or.. I think she might be… I look pregnant and there’s no point in hiding it.

Oh, but the stares.

And being the person that  I am, I hate attention and when I know I’m being eyed from the corner of people’s eye, my mind goes crazy on what people are thinking

Wasn’t she just super skinny, like yesterday?

What is she doing working out?  I mean, what is she doing even moving? Her belly is so… pregnant!

I tell myself to keep an eye on the prize, that I only have 9 more weeks to go, and that  post-baby and once cleared by the doctor, the transition to going back to my prime self will be easier. We’ll see how that goes though.

Fitness thing of the week:

My pregnancy workout:

Cardio: 15 minutes (fast paced walking)
Muscle Group Tone: 30-45 minutes, 4 supersets, 15 reps eat exercise, light weight
Stretch/What Ab Exercise I can do : 15 minutes. I’m not able to do a lot of ab workouts now that I’m super pregnant, but I do work out my transitional ab breathing techniques and side abs.

Things I avoid:
Exercises in which I have to lay down (if it’s like a dumbbell chest press where you usually lie down, I’ll make sure I’m at an angled position)
Exercises where I sit down

Things I try to do:
Keep my heart rate up
Do exercises that help with balance, but don’t make me fall over.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m in nesting mode, so will be doing my sewing and crafting for baby’s room. Also – there’s a football on Sunday.

Until next time…








Entry 83: Fitness Fridays – But, my Boooody (Pregnant Diaries)

Im 17 weeks pregnant today.

I’ve heard some people comment on my little pudge, others say that can’t even tell.

But I can tell. My pants are tighter. My shirts pop a bit at the belly. Forget about the skinny jeans. At this point, I’ve resolved to primarily wear work-out shorts and baggy sweats with elastic that have the most maximal stretch. My sexy lacy bras have been tossed to the side for sports bras to give support to boobs that have seemingly grown triple-fold.

I don’t like it.

I feel so uncomfortable in this changing body. For a brief second, I thought about doing those belly progression photos, but decided not to as in my head I was like… why would I want to document this?

You see, I had spent the past couple of years getting into my best shape. I was leaning out, toning up, I was starting to get abs. … Abs, I tell you! ABS!!

Now that my body is brewing a child, I’m finding it harder to let my fit-self go. I get that it’s all part of the process, and you can still be healthy while pregnant, but instead of glowing in my pregnant self, seeing this change makes me lament on how the healthy efforts of the past few years is just rapidly being offset, and I have start all over again.

It’s like when you work really hard and earn all the monies, only to pay a chunk of it to taxes. Although being pregnant is a better scenario, because as least you know you’re getting a baby at the end. It’s questionable whether our taxes are going to the roads… or the whatever else our politicians say our taxes go to.

But, it is what it is, and I’m only going to get bigger in the coming months. I mean, I did ask for this… it’s not like I didn’t know this would happen when the time came.  I just gotta let it be,  try to be the healthiest I can be while pregnant, remind myself that it’s for the greater good, and that when I get back into it, getting back to pre-pregnant self will be cake. Or so I tell myself that’s how it will work.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Nothing much is going with me.  Might see Venom? I don’t know, husband’s going to Spain next week and I will be riding solo for 2 weeks.

Things I like :

  • Rishi Sweet Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix: I just bought a box of this, and it’s so good. I reduced the recommended boxed directions of 1 TBL serving to 2 Tsp because I couldn’t find a clear source that told me how much caffeine in a serving (and I’m only supposed to have so much caffeine) and it was still good. It gave a clean caffeine kick that made me feel more awake rather than jittery and it lasts the whole day
  • It’s cooling down in the desert and going to be 70’s all week, which means … soup!
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes – When you live in the desert, it’s hard to remember that it’s Fall, because it’s still warm out. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are my only reminder that leaves are falling in other places of the country.  Also, Starbucks in Target has 10% drinks on their cartwheel app, so even more of a reason to go get one.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

Entry 76 : Fitness Fridays – Haters Gonna Hate

There are two types of people who annoy me:

  1. One – Uppers : The people who are always trying to one-up you out of no-where. You’ll mention how you went to a concert, and they’ll tell you how they’ve already seen that person in concert 5 times, 4 times of which they were backstage and met a bunch of famous people. Or you’ll casually mention how you got some wine from Total Wine, and they’ll talk about how they’ve been to Italy 10 times where they had better wine than you’ve ever had in your life. And if you mention you’ve never been to Italy ::Gasp:: You’ve never gone to Italy? Well, that’s a shame, you really should sometime if you ever can afford it
  2. And secondly… Haters Who Hate : These are the people who have something negative to say, especially about people they don’t know because it makes them feel better about themselves, or something psychological like that.

A few weeks ago, Husband was doing a conditioning challenge that required him to use a squat rack and the space around him.  As it is with the gym we go to, there are only 2 squat racks for use, so you can imagine how ‘in-demand’ it is, especially when everybody’s at the gym, and it’s everybody’s leg day.

“Are you using the squat rack?” this dude asked Husband during one of his rest times. He was catching his breath after doing a round of something like 5 conditioning exercises for one round. Husband ended up letting them use the squat rack while he moved to another area to finish his rounds, but I overheard the guy say to his friend … A conditioning exercise? 

I would like to say that he said it out of wonderment, like huh, that’s interesting. But I think it was more of out annoyance because he gave this look of Why would anyone use the squat rack for anything other than squats when someone like me needs to do squats? 

So If he was hating…

oh hell no

A. It’s first come first serve. That’s generally a rule of life

B. Maybe he should look at his gut before hating. Husband is in amazing shape, and if Husband wants to use a squat rack as a human jungle gym, well…maybe said hater should take some notes because obviously what he’s doing is not working, and driving in his Benzo can only do so much overcompensate.

Maybe that sounds a little mean, but that’s what he gets for hating.. That is, if he was hating.  If he wasn’t, I take it back.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I can be a hater sometimes…. I used to hate a lot more, but have been trying catch myself when negative thoughts start to enter my mind. I’ve been trying to remind myself that being concerned with other people or putting them down, even if they are strangers, to make myself feel better (because that’s ultimately the root of the reason)  takes time… time that could be used on self-improvement. Besides, you don’t burn calories by hating.

Workout thing of the week.

I think my shoulder muscles have improved. Last week husband and I painted the 3 exterior walls of our house, and I was lifting ladders like no one’s business. I wish I had pictures.

One of favorite exercises is shoulder lifts with a plated weight. I only use 10 lbs and even though it’s somewhat of a light weight, before you judge me… try doing a shit load of these and then judge. It gets hard. Plus, I’m not trying to look like a bodybuilder, I want to tone my body.

I do 3 rounds of the following:

10 – plate verticle lifts over the head
10 – plate lifts figure 8s
10 – plate verticle lifts over the head
10 – plate lifts figure 8s

Vertical Lift


Figure 8s

You could do 20 verticals and 20 figure 8s, but… I find it’s easier to split the reps because my shoulder muscles be getting fatigued.


  1. Exert energy going up, when you reach the pinnacle of the lift, hold for pause, then slowly bring down, fighting gravity when bringing down. You want to have as much control in the motions as possible.
  2. Breathing helps: breath in as you’re going up, out as your bringing your weight down.

Anyways, I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. Husband is coming home tomorrow and so I’m excited. There’s been a few times he’s asked me what I’m doing and to which one time, my response was….

Getting Swole.

I crack myself up. Until next time .. have a great weekend 🙂

Entry 72 : Fitness Friday – Ease up on the Axe Spray… Please and Thank You

People sweat at the gym, even stink. It’s bound to happen when you have a good, hard work-out, and sweat beads are rolling down your forehead and soaking up your dri-fit shirt.

But you know what doesn’t help? Overdoing it with the Axe-Spray/Cologne/Perfume.

The other day, I was at the gym, getting done with a set when this guy who overdid it with his spray, walks by me to grab some dumbbells. Now, I don’t have a very good sense of smell, but with one inhale, I took in some Axe-saturated oxygen and turned away, almost afraid I was going to get light-headed and pass out with a few more breathes.

Gents… Ladies… less is more when it comes to the scents. I feel like it’s something you learn in middle school when you’re going through puberty. Your body goes through things, you break out like nobody’s business, and you frantically put random stuff on to hide your adolescent ignorance, until someone… your mom, a girlfriend… says something somewhat along the lines of… Can you not like… put so much on? I can’t breathe.

I get it, being stinky is embarrassing even when you’re at the gym where having a bad odor is half expected. But in my opinion, when you’re in an enclosed area where everyone’s body heat is up, where sometimes it gets muggy if there’s no proper ventilation, and everyone’s gasping for air…. over infusing your body and clothes with sprays is not the answer. It just makes it worse.

I do have some suggestions to try out before thinking about over-spraying yourself to go to the gym:

  1. Find some quality deodorant. I just switched up my deodorant to this Degree Ultra one, and I don’t know why I didn’t do so a while ago. I used to use Secret, the kind that markets itself to make you seem like you’ll smell like flowers or Paris, but when working out, for me it’s ineffective.
  2. Wash you’re clothes correctly, especially workout clothes …and especially dri-fit stuff. Don’t leave them in the washer to mold because mold = gross stink, even if you use 4 dryer sheets in the dryer to hide the smell
  3. Actually take a good shower. Daily. Use some soap, scrub, and exfoliate your skin.

Maybe your sweat is a medical thing? I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if that happens, but if that’s the case, but maybe ask the next time you see one?

But first and foremost, ease up on the Axe spray… Please and Thank you.

Workout thing of the week. Jump Rope

I saw this video of Floyd Mayweather, jump roping :

I mean, I thought I was good at jump roping, but this a whole different level.

In a previous post, I wrote about switching up cardio once in a while so that you’re body doesn’t become efficient in losing calories in that one cardio exercising, but lately, when I do jump rope as my cardio, I’ve been trying to tap into my inner Mayweather.

Usually my jump rope cardio session includes 3 sets of the following:

50 Single Unders


50 Side to Side, Two Legs


50 Side to Side One Leg


50 Side to Side, The other Leg


50 Boxer Skips


20-25 Double Unders


Boom. Cardio, done.

I can never really complete 20 double unders in 1 try. I usually mess up by the 10th one, but a few things I’d like to critique about my form that I saw only after I recorded this…my jump when doing this should be the same height as single unders, or a little higher. I should also be aiming to land in the same spot and on my toes, not sporadically all over the place. I find them hard to do, but that’s why I like to record myself doing certain exercises – so I’m not training myself to do an exercise wrong.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend and all that jazz…

Until next time…

Entry 69: Fitness Friday – You Don’t Got To Lie to Kick It. .. I know this is Your 3rd Donut.

Sometimes I feel that people are self-conscious about what they eat when they’re around me, especially since they know me and Husband try to be healthy.

I’ve had it happen where people will proactively give me long-winded explanations on why they’re eating something without me even asking or commenting

I don’t really eat donuts all the time, just right now. Since I got kind of hungry and even though Dunkin’ Donuts was kind of out-of-the-way, it sounded good.

In my head I’m like… Wait..what?

a. Where did that come from?
b. I’m pretty sure you ate donuts 2 days ago when I last saw you.

It has crossed my mind that I may unconsciously give judging looks, one infused with my don’t talk to me face, but in all honestly, I don’t really care what anyone eats. And if you’re eating a donut, really…. I want to eat that donut with you.

In fact, I want to eat a lot of things with you: fried chicken, brownies, all the white rice to satisfy my Asian cravings, but I don’t. It’s a choice that I struggle with all the time, but I endure it because I really want that bubble butt. And some abs.

So if you’re thinking about justifying that choice to me for whatever reason, don’t. What do I have anything to do your food choices? Who am I to judge? Secretly, I’m salivating in my mouth to the point where there are puddles that are forming too fast for me to swallow.

You don’t gotta lie to kick it, especially to yourself.

Fitness things of the week

Before and After Work out Drank

Usually before a workout, I drink 12 ounces of water, mixed with a couple of scoops of Essential Amino Energy Powder. (The scoop is provided in the container). There are so many flavors, and it provides the extra boost during workouts. I can run more than I think I’m able before a run, and finish sets without getting tired. It’s great. And the type of energy that you get is not the kind that leaves you jittery, or like you need to move faster than you body is going. It’s more of an awake energy.

Sometimes you can get this at Costco for a really good price. During my last trip to Costco, I got blueberry 🍋

I will say that if you decide to try this out, start off with one scoop and see how it goes, and then gradually work to two scoops.

If I’m unable to drink this drink, I’ll maybe drink plain coffee to get my extra boost.

The after workout drink is just as important, one that is filled with protein and drunken within 30 minutes after a workout… since protein is essential for rebuilding the muscles that just got worked.

The recipe that I use to make my protein shake is the following:

1 banana
1 scoop of protein powder
1 Tablespoon of peanut butter
4 oz of yogurt (I use Activia vanilla yogurt)
1 cup of ice.

Let me know what you think, or what you do / eat to prepare you for your workout.

Until next time.

Entry 67: Fitness Fridays – Will You Be My Workout Buddy?

I sometimes grapple with the question of whether it is better to have a gym squad? A workout buddy? Or ride solo?

When working out, 99 % of the time I work out by myself. But occasionally, I see ladies grouped together, laughing and bonding while doing bicep curls and think I want to laugh and bond too….

I’ve thought about doing a yoga class to find a housewife to befriend, but I’m not a yoga person. Every time I do yoga, my mind wanders off, and I fall asleep, and I start dreaming about my dogs until the instructor rings her namaste bell. This happened in real life.

It probably doesn’t help that I have a don’t talk to me look to my face, or so I’ve been told, by strangers nonetheless. It’s a look that I was trained to have since I was a kid by my mom; she was afraid of child abductors and during the first couple of years of elementary school, would rehearse with me what to do if strangers came up and talked to me

Mom: If a stranger comes up to you and offers you candy, what do you do?
Me: Don’t take the candy
Mom: And… ?
Me: Run.

There was one girl that I kind of made friends with at the gym. She was working out next to me and I decided to a start a conversation with That’s a really cool fanny pack.. We’ve chit chatted since then, but never really worked out together.

I don’t know, maybe this whole wanting a workout buddy is a phase. I’m sure having someone to do lunges with is fun and can be motivating, but I probably shouldn’t worry about it too much. I think I’ve been doing fine with staying motivated and… it’ll happen if it’s meant to happen.

Besides, I have 30-45 second rest times during set….Aint no time to bond!

Workout thing of the Week

Triceps Extensions

There’s lot of triceps exercises out there, but probably my fave is the one with rope attachment

Get it Girrrl

Tips that I follow:

  1. Slight bend in knee. Legs hip width distance apart
  2. Arms hanging down a little in front of you. With the slight bend, when your arm goes down, the arm should be in line with your knees.
  3. Lock your arm in place. If you have boobs, lock arms in place on the side of boob, maybe push your arms together give yourself some cleavage. (because I certainly don’t do that at the gym) . I was corrected to when I was doing the exercise with my arms locked further back instead of in front. The actual triceps do not get a full work out of muscle if the arm is further back.
  4. Go down with count of 1, slowly go up at between counts 2-4. That’s usually what I think about when I’m doing these exercises.
  5. Stick chest out when bringing arms down.
  6. Do 3 Sets and enough weight to fail between 10-12 reps in each set, with 45-60 seconds between sets

There’s probably stuff I’m missing. Let me know if you have any other tips for me. I know my form can be a little off and am not aware until someone tells me what’s up and then I’m like.. yea, that makes sense. Then I try it, and I’m like… ooooh….

Until next time!

Entry 65: Fitness Friday – People Watching People

The other day, I was doing an arm exercise in front of a mirror at the gym, and looking to the left, I noticed this chick’s eyes linger on me, and then flick away.

This happens all the time at the gym, people watching people through the mirrors that line the walls, and then quickly diverting their gaze elsewhere lest they get caught. I’ve caught other people doing it, I do it.

In fact, just the other day, through the mirror, I saw this older gent go on the treadmill two machines over, and proceed to run a faster pace than me. I was determined to win out in endurance despite the slower run, but in the end he was victor in that too.  I know what you’re thinking, you let an old dude outrun you? and I am ashamed.  He was probably people watching me through the very same mirrors I was looking in at him, internally laughing at the fact that despite being twice my age, he was running laps around me.

But hey, kudos to him.

I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life and it’s made me look at a lot of things from a psychological perspective, including why I find myself looking around during my gym time, the one time I’m supposed to be focusing on me. Am I judging? Comparing? Or Both? Am I letting my ego be fed? Or letting my self-esteem become beaten by the idea that other people look better than me?

For the most part, I feel like people watching motivates me to work out harder and not slack, but it has made me aware of my own self-consciousness and how it’s affected me in doing things like my brows before the gym, or lotioning up my ashy legs, or making sure it’s not obvious that I’m wearing granny panties, because God forbid I get people watched and someone is like She’s cute, and her squats are on point – but from the look of the lines from the tight pants, she got some granny panties on.

I realize that these are precautions I’m taking just in case someone is watching,  but it goes to show how (perceived) societal perception can affect what we do, and sometimes how we think of ourselves. These perceptions can often be mistaken for fact, when in reality, the truth of who we are can only be revealed when we take a moment to truly look into the core self in to order discover our likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and acknowledge our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

I know, I just got kind of deep there, but like I said, this book I’m reading has got me thinking all psychologically about stuff.

Anyways, I end this with my fitness thing:

If You’re Going to Eat Bacon, Eat  Bacon

A while back, I read this book called Fitness Confidential, by Vinny Tortorich who is a celebrity fitness trainer.   Husband had recommended it after hearing him in a podcast a few times, but one of the things that I got from the book is the importance of eating foods in it’s most whole state as possible. So no processed or packaged foods.  His reasoning? If you think about the amount of stuff and the process that it takes to make canned food, packaged or processed stuff, or non-fat milk, why would want to put these things in your mouth?

After reading the book, we switched out non-fat milk for whole milk, began cutting out the processed foods in our pantry and fridge (including ready made meals, deli meats, top ramen, pasta noodles) and started eating quality whole foods including foods that contained healthy fats (like nuts, avocados) to help control hunger. Of course, it’s hard not to completely cut out everything processed, and so when we want to include something processed like bacon, we don’t do some weird fake-ass bacon, we make regular bacon, but we don’t go overboard in eating too much of it. Quantity is just as important as quality.

Like I’ve said before, this whole health thing is a journey which I’m still continuing to learn, so I’d love to hear what you guys do, if there’s a super food that you’re loving, or a recipe? I haven’t made anything new in a while…

Anyways, until next time…

Entry 62: Fitness Friday – Our Chiropractor’s Wife is Hot

Last year, husband started seeing a chiropractor for back issues he was having. With some lifestyle adjustments and making it a point to stretch, his back is doing much better ::knock on wood::, but during his weekly visits to the chiropractor, we got to know the practitioner he was seeing, as well as his very fit and hot wife.

It turned out, she worked out at the same gym husband and I go to, but I hadn’t noticed her at first; she would always wear over-sized shirts / sweatshirts that would hide any indication that she had a toned bod, .

Then one day, she took off her baggy clothes and worked out in nothing but tight leggings and a sports bra: She had one those bodies you see in those fitness motivation instagram pictures, with the perfect butt, arms, and abs. You better believe it had me looking twice. Everybody was looking twice

From that point on, it felt intimidating watching her do lunges and squats with 3x the weight I was doing, and sweat rolling down her seemingly photo-shopped abs. She was in her 40s, a wife, mom, helped out with her husbands chiropractic business… all the while maintaining the perfect bod. Whereas I was in my 30s, no job, and no abs.

But as intimidating as I found her, I couldn’t hate on her; you can’t really hate on someone who works that hard to reach any goal, whether its a fitness, career, or personal one. I’m trying to work on my own personal goal of actually being the person I want to be, not just sitting around watching people live life.

So, I’ve been trying to be more fit. It’s hard because I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, but it’s coming along slowly but surely.

Which brings me to what I’m trying to focus on a bit

Project Bubble Butt

I naturally do not really have a butt, but I’m trying to work with what I have. Currently, there’s a little bit of a lift at the top, and it kind of transitions to my thigh. But I’m trying to work on getting more of a cusp at the bottom.



After talking with husband who’s so full of workout knowledge,  it’s apparently all about the butt squeeze  in order to get the cusp.  So this past week I’ve been doing extra butt workouts with such workouts like dead lifts, weighted hip bridges, and weighted donkey kicks, and making sure that as I’m coming up with the dead lifts/hip bridges, that I use butt muscles to come up, then intentionally squeezing when I reach the peak, then slowly retract back to the original state.

Hip bridges


I like taking vids to make sure I have my form down and doing the exercise right, but in this one I don’t think I do. It’s kind of hard to tell with the angle, but I feel like my feet could have gone in a little bit more.  Also I could’ve done more weight, but as my butt’s going up I’m thinking BUTT SQUEEEZE! 

Anyways, let me know what you guys think. If there’s something else that you’ve done to help you get your bubble butt.

Entry 60: Fitness Fridays – Maybe I should do Myself Up More

Do you ever go to the gym, and see girls with full on make-up like they’re going on a date or the club afterwards? I’m talking about girls who specifically get their face done up so they can go to the gym with full coverage foundation, eyeliner, lipstick,… everything.

I usually go to the gym anywhere between 5 am -10 am, so I know they’re not coming home from work. Unless they’re a stripper. Which, that would make logical sense why anyone would have make-up on that early in the morning, but these ladies don’t look like the stripper type so I feel comfortable with crossing that off the list of reasons.

Then another thought crossed my head – maybe… they are husband hunting. 

I remember the days of single life, where there was always this need to look on-point regardless if you’re just going to the pharmacy to pick up tampons or getting a coffee. You know, just in case you were to cross paths with your soulmate. Then, when you find someone, get married, and eventually have kids, that need sort of just fades away because… well, for me why would you spend all that time getting ready when you’re just going to Target for a few things (which end up being a lot of things…. but that’s another story)

Or maybe they just put on make-up because it makes them feel good. I mean, that’s really the reason why people go to the gym in the first place, right? Maybe for these ladies who take the time to do themselves up, it’s a part of their process to feel good. In that case, do you  – but be aware that sweating with that amount of make-up may clog up your pores.

One thing that seeing these females all done-up has done is made me a little self-conscious about my own appearance at the gym. I know I shouldn’t care and just do my thing, but a part of me is like, at least brush you’re hair so you don’t look like you came out of a tornado. So I’ve been doing that, and (this might seem odd) making sure my brows are done. I’ve heard it said that brows set the stage for how people see you (so make sure you’re brows are on-point)  and I believe it.  My brows naturally are a little wild, just doing them (without doing anything else) makes me look a little more put together.

And so… with that… I leave with some things I’ve been doing with my fitness training.

In my effort to look more toned, I’ve been working on the efficiency of my workout. That includes, maximizing the amount that my muscles are used in every rep that I do. So if I’m working out a bicep, I make sure that I’m not using any other muscle other than the bicep with proper form and proper weight. I have this counting method, where with a 1 count I work the muscle, pause for 1 second, and then with counts 2-4, I slowly retract to the original state

For example – with a bicep curl:

1 count – Curl bicep, Pause for 1 second, then with counts 2-4 slowly bring the weight down

Tricep Extention:

1 count – Extend Tricep. Pause for 1 second. With counts 2-4 slowly retract to the original state.

With Squats, the count is opposite, I go down with a count of 3. pause for a second. Then, use my heels to drive up with a count of 1

There’s  a proper terms for these that husband was trying to explain to me (Time Under Tension, Eccentric Muscle Training), but basically this method maximizes how your muscle is used in a given rep. A lot of times people use other muscles (like their back) to do a something like a bicep, and then let gravity bring the weight down, so the actual muscle is used minimally.

Which brings me to my last bit of knowledge on why muscle building is good for you. 1 lb of fat needs like 3 calories a day. 1 lb of muscle needs like 150 calories a day to maintain. Don’t quote me on the exact numbers, but the point is it’s a large ratio so… building muscle is good.

Anyways, that’s probably a lot of info. I probably should do a video showing?  I don’t know. I’m still learning these things, but find it helpful to share what I’m doing so it sinks in my head and makes sense to me.

Until next time.


Entry 59: Fitness Fridays – Tapping into the Inner Sexy with Sexy Sports Bras

I bought this Victoria Secret sports bra a few months ago. It’s got these straps that go criss – cross across the chest and has this push-up technology that provides the boobs the right amount of pop and cleavage. From the third-person perspective, it feels like it would give the impression that there might be a whip hidden somewhere to go all dominatrix after sit-ups

Normally I buy basic workout clothes – dri-fit shirts/tanks, shorts, socks from Costco – but I bought this particular item for two reasons:

  1. It was on sale for $8 in one of those Victoria Secret sale bins
  2. I thought that maybe it would help me to tap into my inner sexy

I’ve had this thing for a few months, wearing it here and under tops that hid any inclination that there was anything sexy underneath. But a few weeks ago, I did something I had never done before: I took my shirt off while doing the stair master, revealing ….the slinky sports bra.

Blaring Rhianna’s Lemon through the headphones, doing the cardio step workout at a 75 steps per minute, and wearing tight shorts that were honestly giving me a vagina wedgie, it felt as if there was an added responsibility to make walking up those steps as damn good as I possibly could.

So am I saying it worked? Was I able find an inner sexy?


Shortly after I was done with my 15 minutes of stepping, and after the Rhianna song was over, I became self-conscious of the fact that I was in very minimal clothing, and there could be people watching.

I put the shirt I had taken off minutes before, back on.

To be honest, I’m disappointed that I let the fear of what (I perceived) other people were thinking affect me in that way, but it just goes to show that beauty and confidence is completely mental. While things like make-up and skimpy gym lingerie can help, if you yourself don’t know your own value, what people say, or what you think people are thinking are always going to affect you.

That being said, I probably will not go out of my way to buy overly sexy/ complicated sports bras again, unless – it’s in the sale bin… because I like my deals. Or at least, thinking I got a deal.

I end this, with a fitness thought…

Two things that I have done this past year that I feel has helped me

1. Having an actual goal.

2. Understanding my body type

Having a goal gave me direction with how to work out, while understanding my body type let me train accordingly to achieve my goal.

As a general rule, if an exercise calls me to work out an area that I wanted to tone, I add weight, do 10-12 quality reps where I start to fail at the 10th rep, and rest 45 seconds to a minute rest between sets.

If an exercise calls me to work an area that I wanted to shed some pounds in, I make sure it was an aerobic toning exercise, lessening the weight, do more quality reps, add an extra set, and keep the rest time between 45 seconds to a minute. The last thing that I would want to do is build muscle and accentuate an area that is a problem area.

Of course there’s more to the workouts than that, but that’s sort of the general rule I implement on myself. And I think it’s working? Let me know what you guys have been doing, I always like learning new stuff.

Until next time,