Entry 71: WTF Wednesday – Joy Behar say whaaat?

I don’t watch a lot of mainstream news. I mainly listen to a few podcasts that give me the details of what I need to know, one’s that don’t lean too far one way or the other.

But the other day, I heard about Joy Behar mocking Mike Pence on hearing Jesus talk to him, suggesting it as a mental illness.

The Catholic in me was like Say Whaaat?

So of course, I had to take a look at this video and see what was up, and honestly, I can see where people might think that hearing voices, even from God or Jesus is seen as crazy. But there are millions of Christians who talk to God/Jesus or a higher power and claim to hear Him, does that make them crazy? As a Catholic, while I personally don’t expect a verbal response, I feel like often times what pans out in life is what I interpret as Jesus talking to me. So.. if Mike Pence is mental, then I must be mental too.

And okay, she apologized… but did she mean it?

I get that Mike Pence is a super conservative Christian who won’t eat alone with another woman other than his wife, but I don’t think people should give him crap for that. It might seem odd, but his heart is in the right place. With all the hashtagMeToo stuff, you really going to be hard on the guy who’s being faithful to his wife when there’s so many other men in power who are complete sleezeballs who masturbate in plants?

Also, one last thing – Oprah made a comment about running for President if she got a sign from God, after which Stephen Colbert did a skit where God was telling her to run for office.

Does that make her crazy too? Because she just heard the voice of God….

Anyways, that’s all for my rants and raves. Let me know what your thoughts are. If I’m by myself with this one… there’s so much craziness going on.


Entry 64: Of Love and Ash

Forewarning, this entry is a bit religious… because it’s Ash Wednesday and kind of a big deal for Catholics/Christians who see this as the beginning of a month and a half of spiritual prep for Easter.

It’s also Valentines day.

You better believe I got my ashes on this morning…and then later tonight when husband gets home, I’m going to give him a DIY card, sushi, and Jack Daniels fudge, and then we’re going to have a dance party. 😉

Many Catholics have probably already contemplated the coincidence of Ash Wednesday and Valentines falling on the same day. Or maybe they haven’t and I could be the only one. It seems befitting that these two holidays should be one in the same day. True, dwelling on Jesus’ death for a month a half can kind of be depressing, and combined with the infusion of a few more Catholic rules of what you can and cannot eat and do, I can understand why people might gloss over Lent in general and skip to coloring eggs and taking pictures with the Easter bunny.

But to me, Jesus’ death is the ultimate act of love, even more so than that $10-$20 box of chocolates and my DIY card; Lent is just a reminder of that love.

This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time for me. These past few days I’ve been doing a lot of self-contemplation and reflection, looking at myself in the bareness of my vulnerabilities and (if I can be honest) I’ve been kind of lost and wandering aimlessly trying to find out who I am and what I should be doing with my life in order to find some purpose or meaning. Sure, I get that life happens and often changes what plans you had for yourself 10 years ago, but thinking about all this has brought me face to face with the following truth: I have not cared for myself as well as I should.

Maybe you’re surprised that this is the case (which means I’m really good at creating a facade). Or maybe it’s something you could have told me based on the fact that I have really bad posture, but it’s a mental block that I’ve struggled to find a way out of since I was kid and which I’m starting to realize the negatives effects of. It’s the voice that has continually told myself I cant, or that something wasn’t worth trying because I wasn’t worth the chance of failing. It is the thing that has ultimately brought me to this state of limbo.

I know, these are super depressing realizations, and you’re probably like you’re so valuable and have so much potential, you don’t even know. I have had many people tell me this on many occassion, it’s just that when a negative mentality has been so engrained for so long, it becomes the truth you believe, and sometimes the truth you believe makes all the difference, not what people tell you.

But like I said, that’s where the combo of Lent and Valentine’s seemingly has its perfect timing: to break through that stupid mental limbo wall of low self-opinion and remind me that despite whatever thoughts or feelings or sinfulness I might have, I am worth it, because why else would Jesus have died?

Anyways, I hope everyone has a blessed Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day, and day in general. I’m still trying to figure out what to give up, but my priest did shed some light on the fact that it should be personal and we shouldn’t just go through the motions. In whatever we give up, should wake up hungry, go through the day hungry, and go to bed even more hungry for Jesus.

Until next time….

Entry 55: Shots for Eeerbody!

This morning I was watching some highlights of the National Championship game (I fell asleep after half time) and at the end, the Freshmen QB from Hawaii who was put in during the second half,  was interviewed after his game winning TD.

The interviewer asked him a question about what was going through his mind after finding out he was going to play in the National Championship, and he was like My parents are going to get mad but… and then proceeds to thank God.

You can imagine how that made my little Catholic heart feel: in the midst of arguably being the hero in a championship game, in the most selflessly poised way possible… gives props to Jesus, and then gives props to his teammates.

Knowing me, I would be like..OMG! I won! OMGeeeee!!  Shots for eeerr body!!! aaaaahhh!!!! and probably be jumping up and down uncontrollably, looking for a champagne bottle to pop.

But what a great kid.  He must have some parents to raise a kid that doesn’t want to get them mad while on national tv. Most kids would be like… shit, I’m 18, I do what I want! I say what I want… biotch!

There’s so much stuff going on in the world that raising children in the midst of it seems daunting, but the world needs good parents who raise good kids. It’s a bigger responsibility than anyone thinks of when they think they want kids, that beyond feeding them and wiping their butts, you have a responsibility to society to not create shit human beings.

But that’s why I give kuddos to all the parents out there laying good foundations, teaching their kids morals and values, the difference between right and wrong, the importance of hard work, and all the other little things I may be missing. I can only hope that when the time comes, if we’re so blessed, we’ll be able to do the same to where if someone saw our kid, they’d be like wow, that’s a great a kid. 

Things I like this week

Tarte Shape Tape Concealor: I know I’m late to this Shape Tape craze, but this is quite possibly the best concealer I’ve tried, ever.  Actually, I’m usually like, yea whatever it’s just a concealer that’s supposed to highlight and maybe hide spots… but this one has set the standard of what I need in my life. It easily covered up veins on my wrist with one swatch. Highly recommend for a full coverage concealor

“You Look Good” – Lady Antebellum – Ever since husband got a truck, we’ve been listening to country. At first it was a joke, because listening to country is such the stereotypical thing to do when you get a truck. But then I actually started liking it, and now I listen to country music 75% of the time. It’s a complete 180 from the hiphop/r&b/pop I would saturate my ears with, but a lot of country is actually really good; it gets stuck in your head, and you start humming it,  then you realize – holy shit, is a good song.

Anyways, this is my song when I get ready in the morning or when I work out, running, doing butt exercises, etc etc…  It’s my confidence booster, and you know what they say…  confidence is the key to looking/being a boss.

Glad the Holidays Are Over – I finally took down my Christmas decor the other day.  I love Christmas and everything, but am also glad when things can finally go back to a routine. Only 11 more months til Christmas. lol

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel The first episode started off kind of slow, but I decided to give this another try since it did earn a few awards.  The main character in the show played an escort in House of Cards. For whatever reason, I can’t get that out of my head while I’m watching the show, but it’s good.

Anyways, I hope everyone has an amazing week. It’s 80 in the desert. I know, everyone who doesn’t live in sunny weather probably hates me. Or not. I don’t know. But if you do and if it makes you feel better, my eyes are really dry because of the weather.

Until next time.